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What cause(s) is the National Liberation Front (FLN) fighting for as depicted in the film Would you characterize the FLN as a terrorist group, or as something else - Essay Example

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In this respect, the focus will be to examine the cause of the National Liberations Front’s (FLN) fighting as well as how they would be categorized given their actions as depicted in the…
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What cause(s) is the National Liberation Front (FLN) fighting for as depicted in the film Would you characterize the FLN as a terrorist group, or as something else
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Extract of sample "What cause(s) is the National Liberation Front (FLN) fighting for as depicted in the film Would you characterize the FLN as a terrorist group, or as something else"

Download file to see previous pages The depiction of war in this film reflects the root cause of war, like they occur in other places. Wars normally arise out of ideological differences driven by social, economic and political circumstances. In Battle of Algiers, just as the name the war was driven by the desire of the Algerians to drive the French from their country. The French colonized Algeria during the time when most Western European countries looked for colonies to safeguard their political and economic interests. The Algerians also sought to meet their social, economic and political rights that were not tenable with French in their country. As result of conflicting interest, the Algerians formed different movements and the most predominant one was the FLN. On the other hand, the French felt threatened and therefore had to crush the FLN before it became powerful. Like any other war in history, the unfair treatment of combatants deepened the motivations of the sympathizers of either side and that increased the warfare (Prochaska, 2003).
This war film depicts the events that took place in Algeria war against the French Colonialist between the years 1954 and 1962. Like many other countries that were fighting colonial regime, the Algerians decided to coalesce and form the National Liberation Front. It was the understating of the people, at least according to the movie, that they had to form a formidable force through which they would battle the French especially the army and the police who were used by the French government to infringe on them. It inferred from the movie, that the cause is liberation of the country from the French rule but some actions of the FLN members is questionable given the high blood letting tendencies (Parker, 2007).
Equally members of the FLN have questionable character. For example, one character Ali La Pointe decides to join the movement. However, his character is ragged given that he had been taken to a reform school in early life. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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