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The Battle of Algiers - Essay Example

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The book is more of psychiatric and psychological analysis of the major dehumanizing effect of colonization of Algeria by French (Proyect). This effects narrated in the book reflect…
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The Battle of Algiers
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Extract of sample "The Battle of Algiers"

Compare Frantz Fanons Wretched of the Earth (1961) book to the film "The battle of Algiers" The wretched of the earth is book written by Frantz Fanon which was published in 1961 (Proyect). The book is more of psychiatric and psychological analysis of the major dehumanizing effect of colonization of Algeria by French (Proyect). This effects narrated in the book reflect how adverse life was to the individuals and the entire nation. This difficulties forced people to form decolonization social movement to kick out the colonists.
On the other hand, the battle of the Algiers is a movie based on true story that took place in Algeria between 1954 and 1957 (Proyect). The movie is a real picture of what happened in Algeria during the colonial era. The movie is also developed following the story in the book the “Wretched of the earth.” The movie is featuring an actor representing the real Frantz Fanon who is the author of the book and was a key player during the Algerian independence struggle. The movie is reconstructed using realistic styles to be like a documentary in order to elaborately inform viewer on the historic event (Proyect). The movie documents all injustices and inhumanity the colonizers imposed on the people as they struggled for independence.
In the movie the battle of the Algiers, the entire scenes are constructed using historic memories and content of the book written by Frantz Fanon “The wretched of the earth.” It is visualized that some content of the book were being imitated live in the movie. For example, there are live scenes in the movie where reenactment of a character acting as Fanon appears (Proyect). The actor representing Fanon in the movie speaks out citing real words used by the real Fanon from his various books (Proyect). In addition to this, there are various interviews in the movie showing statements from people who knew Fanon, his family, and FLN members (Proyect). Other people included were Fanon’s colleagues from the hospital he used to work from.
When the movie is compared to the book, definitely the interviews and real speech are not evident. The book is purely descriptive of the events that took place. The entire move is also supported by inclusion of styles like music and other sounds that could depict emotion or an incurring incident (Proyect). There are real sounds of gunfire and bomb explosion heard and seen in the movie. Contrary, when comparing this with the book, it is different. The author of the book has to use written exclamation marks and written sound symbols to illustrate emotion and other sounds.
In both the Frantz Fanons Wretched of the Earth (1961) book and the film "The battle of Algiers," the entire struggle was developed from a religious foundation (Proyect). The wars and fighting the Algerians participated in to send the colonists away as it is evident in both the movie and the book was based on saving the religion and the country (Proyect). In most media sources, there was exclamation of statement like “Restoration of the sovereign, democratic, and social Algerian state within the framework of Islamic principles” (Proyect).
Moreover, the other similarity exhibited in the film and the book is application of torture by the colonists over the natives Algerians. The victims suffered torture after the colonizer legalized torture and branded the period as “necessary evil” (Proyect). It is also described how fighters suffered under this necessary evil all in the name of seeking independence.
Work cited
Proyect, Louis. Looking Back at the Battle of Algiers. 2005. Web. Viewed 10 April 2014. Read More
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The Battle of Algiers Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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