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Compare and contrast gender roles in the movies Battle of algeris and mother of india - Essay Example

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One thing that is common between both movies is that both offer a comprehensive insight into the gender perceptions and gender roles in their respective societies…
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Compare and contrast gender roles in the movies Battle of algeris and mother of india
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Extract of sample "Compare and contrast gender roles in the movies Battle of algeris and mother of india"

Download file to see previous pages particularly highlights this trend is when three National Liberation Front (NLF) women fighters change their appearance to be able to leave the Casbah and attack the French colons by planting bombs. The names of the three women fighters are Djamila, Hassiba, and Zohra. Originally, they are wearing burqas. Their plan is to enter the French colonies without making them realize where these women belong. In order to achieve this plan, they transform themselves into Western women so as to Europeanize themselves. They remove their burqas, cut their hair and dye them, and wear Western outfits. This way, the women fighters are perceived as part of the party in power whereas they are actually functioning as revolutionaries. This is how gender roles have been passed and used to the liberation fighters’ advantage. One factor that makes this movie unique in comparison to other movies based on women’s action is that the women fighters have been shown in the high femme drag in Battle of Algeris unlike the conventional movies on women’s action in which the female action heroes are presented in leather jackets, or military outfits with little to no makeup. The sexualized presentation assists the women fighters in placing the bombs. In this way, the women fighters essentially subjugate their gender identities, and penetrate the enemies’ world for a bigger cause.
This scene deals with the gender as well as the racial representation in direct association with the technology used for war. There is a growing trend among women to become the suicide bombers, and the reasons for this are fairly understandable and intrinsically linked to their gender roles and perceptions. One of the most important factors that increases women’s eligibility to become the suicide bombers is the fact that the societal and cultural norms oblige men not to touch the women. The women fighters in Battle of Algeris took benefit of this norm and slipped through all the checkpoints and yet were not ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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