Of The Battle of Algiers - Movie Review Example

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Director, Gillo Pontecorvo depicted the enthusiasm of fighters. Although made in 1965, the movie gained popularity across the globe. The movie is famous and fulfils most of the situations even in…
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Movie review of The Battle of Algiers
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"Of The Battle of Algiers"

Download file to see previous pages he newer version of the subtitled and translated 35-millimeter print at Film Forum is apparently the description that was confidentially displayed for military workforce by the Pentagon, considering it as a ground guide to fight against terrorism.
The movie is an inspiration for armed force, considering the movie to be a motivation for military personnel and it will play an imperative role in motivating and inculcating zeal and spirit in soldiers to fight against all odds, the Former national-security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski promoted through the description: “If you want to understand what’s happening right now in Iraq, I recommend The Battle of Algiers.” However, the movie is an ideal one to seed the zeal and enthusiasm for the nation and this is the reason that Pontecorvo’s blockbuster was also utilized by the Black Panthers as a preparation film?
As the movie described the Algerian struggle for independence, which is the incidence of late nineteen fifties, it has set the platform of inspiration for all the forthcoming happenings may it be the situation of Iraq or Libya. Fight for rights, fight for betterment has always been the desire of human race, history reveals that whenever such desires are not fulfilled, human race stood to fight against all odds. Although the movie The Battle of Algiers dramatized Algerian struggle but it is considered as the struggle of the entire human race.
It is a depiction of brutality and viciousness a mankind can show on other beings of similar species. Although now, the movie The Battle of Algiers, is five decades old but the anatomy of horror and shock is still enough to evoke the sensation and shudder woefully. Movies The Battle of Algiers remained matchless in evoking this feeling and still remained ever fresh. Pontecorvo’s direction is brilliant to create this masterpiece movie in the sense that made people cry after seeing such horrifying acts of cruelty mankind can display.
Nevertheless, the original U.S. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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