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The political arena has embraced the presence and contribution of women in leadership. Though this might not be the case for other nations such as those in the United States, the achievements made Hilary Clinton signifies the willing of the people to change and adopt new roles by the feminine…
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Gender in American Politics
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Gender in American Politics Politics globally has become a phenomenon, as the environment continues to attract both men and women who receive equal treatment in voting. The political environment has for a long time had the misconception to be mans field. In many countries though, continue to advocate for gender imbalance by failing to give women a chance to realize their full potential in politics. In this case, the paper seeks to examine different types of rhetoric approaches used by both men and women in their speeches, media engagement and in debates, with the intentions of seeking the public attention and affirmation for their abilities to lead (Carsey et al. p.267)
Through the advancement of gender law, countries such as the United States have enacted a constitution that acknowledges the rights of women and their contribution to leadership particularly in politics. Into political context, both men and women have come of age in using rhetoric approach toward reaching their public. At the same time, some differences have emerged between men and women use of rhetoric approach towards their public address. In order to convince and pursued the public for their confidence in their abilities, particularly in politics, the use of rhetoric approach has remained pertinent among both genders in politics. By analyzing, for instance, Hilary Clinton struggle in the political arena, she is faced with the challenges of dealing with the stereotype about feminine in politics, but she emerges triumphant when she got elected in various positions in politics. Tracing at her use of rhetoric approach towards balancing between feminine and masculine stereotypes on leadership particularly in politics, Hilary ignored what men believed could not be done by women. Her achievement in politics portrayed what seemed to be a dominantly ruled by men as equally shared ground by charismatic women.
Regularly, presentation of speeches can be approached differently in order to draw the relevant attention from the audience. However, balancing of individual tone when giving speeches enables the audience relate to the audience. Setting a mood that is favorable for the audience. In this case, an analysis of two speeches gives a clear view of feminine and masculine contrast of rhetoric approaches used in politics. Concurrently, different phrases used in conveying the message to the public are assumed to achieve the same objectives though, using a different approach by gender to fit in the public stereotypes (Sue and Clyde p.86).
By contrasting two speeches by Governor Gina Raimondo of Rhode Island and former Governor of Rhodes Island, Lincoln Chafee speeches of inaugural address, numerous rhetoric phrases are used by the two in order to connect with their audience. Based on the two speeches, for instance, communal phrases are commonly used in feminine speeches. In Governor Gina speech, in this case, she uses a rhetoric phrase such as "aware of the adversity we face" to show her similarity with the audience. She also stated in her speech "I humbly ask each Rhode Islander to join me in embarking on a new era of opportunity." that signified use cooperation language with the followers.
This is normally a sign of willingness to cooperate with the public in moving the state forward but as a team. At the same time in her address, she also stated, "Thank you for your vote to embrace tolerance and individual free." This signified her effort to appreciate the public and as a way connect with public emotionally. Similarly, the former governor of Rhode, Lincoln Chafee as well had used rhetoric phrases to connect with his public. In his speech, the use of the agentic charismatic phrase in his speech explains rhetoric approach by the masculine. Throughout his speech, for instance, he shows his strength and competencies to perform as the governor, by using rhetoric phrases. In one case, he stated "it is time to stop our decline and to ignite a Rhode Island comeback" that was after mentioning the numerous challenges faced by islanders. This signified the use of adversity rhetoric that expressed the challenges at hand and the readiness to outdo them. He also noted in his speech, "Our only path out of this mess is to create middle –class, family-supporting jobs." This signifies the use of action-oriented rhetoric as a way to express the desire to remain focused on the vision of Rhodes.
The political arena has embraced the presence and contribution of women in leadership. Though this might not be the case for other nations such as those in the United States, the achievements made Hilary Clinton signifies the willing of the people to change and adopt new roles by the feminine.
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