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Biography reseach project on Important Native American Political Leader-Wilma Mankiller - Research Paper Example

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Her political endeavor is best described by a high level of astuteness and admirable leadership leading to her appointment to prominent positions. She…
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Biography reseach project on Important Native American Political Leader-Wilma Mankiller
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Extract of sample "Biography reseach project on Important Native American Political Leader-Wilma Mankiller"

Download file to see previous pages Regardless of the numerous accolades and aspects that define and characterize Wilma Mankiller, this piece discusses her role in influencing the American society.
According to Hollingsworth, Wilma Mankiller is an indigenous American who was influential in Oklahoma, which was equally her birthplace. Furthermore, people recognize and remember her as the foremost female “Chief of the Cherokee Nation”3. Mankiller’s background is equally clear as presented by her parentage since her father was a Native American. Indeed, her surname, “Mankiller”, is interesting and controversial when taken literally; however, it meant a rank within the military that was admirable and respected. Mankiller initially schooled at Skyline College where she participated in activities at the Indian Center for a significant portion of her livelihood. Furthermore, she is equally a renowned rights activist as apparent in her political activities during the last century that centered on justice and progress. Additionally, Wilma Mankiller embraced the teaching career after relinquishing her position as the chief principal at Cherokee nation. Sadly, on April 2010, Mankiller passed away with the most noticeable condolence emanating from President Obama. It is worthwhile to acknowledge that “Ms Magazine awards” was a coveted honor that she received in 1987. Indeed, such an award typifies her role in the society and encourages persons to embrace her ideologies. An additional prestigious award is the presidential medal award that typifies her work that centers on improving societal progress. Her biography is a significant published work since it sold numerous copies.
Wilma Mankiller’s passion and interest in defending the local Americans and other minorities made her join divergent activists’ movements. During her activism, she participated in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Biography Reseach Project on Important Native American Political Research Paper.
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