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Amearican Pop Cultures and Politics from 1940 to Present ( short questions) - Essay Example

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Audiotopia is a music genre that contains message of idealistic reformer. In this case, the music is very crucial as it conveys message intended to transform the world for a better place. These types of music are basically composed to relay change sentiments and hence they…
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Amearican Pop Cultures and Politics from 1940 to Present ( short questions)
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"Amearican Pop Cultures and Politics from 1940 to Present ( short questions)"

Download file to see previous pages During the formal political protest of 1950-1970, audiotopia music was used to make an awakening call to Americans to oppose bad governance and fight for more civil rights and liberty.
2. Formal politics are the kind of politics that is defined by the law. In this case, there exists a legal framework on which all political issues are inclined. Just as the title implies, they are formal, organized, and very easily defined and identified. Formal politics are done be organized groups and individuals and in most cases, they involves divergent opinions on some legal perspectives. On the other hand, cultural politics are informal. In this case, culture politics basically defines the role of culture in defining economic, social and political lives of the people. As such, it involves everyday acts of political changes and ideas that are not intentional or at least based on cultural aspects. During 1940-1950, politics in America were marked with huge changes as a result of amendments made on the law to regulate the way politics are conducted. In this case, the two types of politics were harmonized so as to complete each other. between 1960 and 1970, more formalization of politics was done such that a shift from cultural politics to modern politics were experienced.
3.A moral panic is the term used to express a strong feeling of fear among the population that the social and moral orientation of their culture is being threatened. In this case, moral panic in America during the period 1950 to 1990 was marked with changes in the moral aspect of people. As such, more and more people started engaging in immoral behavior that was seen as catastrophic to future generation. Moral decadence was experience mainly in 1980s and 1990s whereby the issue of sexual immorality was seen to be on the riding trend. Many cases of teenage pregnancy and indecency acts ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Amearican Pop Cultures and Politics from 1940 to Present ( Short Essay)
Amearican Pop Cultures and Politics from 1940 to Present ( Short Essay.
“Amearican Pop Cultures and Politics from 1940 to Present ( Short Essay”, n.d.
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