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As such, governments strive to ensure that they rule in a manner that satisfies the socio-economic and political needs of the citizens to an…
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Syrian & Libyan Revolution (Case Study)
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Download file to see previous pages When citizens start calling for a different political system, existing governments are bound to resist such pressure in a bid to preserve power. Accordingly, the citizens are forced to use violence to achieve the desired political structures. A political revolution, therefore, takes place when the citizens of a given country start advocating for changes in the political system but the ruling class rejects such calls. What caused the Libyan and Syrian revolutions of 2011? Research shows that a myriad of factors including political (dictatorial governments), economic (class inequalities), and social (massive abuse of human rights) issues.
The Arab uprising, as it has come to be known, began in 2010 and continued throughout 2011 affecting a number of countries across the northern part of Africa and the Middle East. Among the countries affected by the uprising were Tunisia, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Egypt, and Algeria. The aforementioned countries all experienced wide spread civil unrest accompanied by subsequent violence perpetrated by disgruntled statesmen. According to Bhardwaj (2012), as the waves of revolution began sweeping over the region, dictatorial regimes that were historically considered invincible started crumbling under massive pressure caused by over-arching civil unrest. As such, it is clear that despite how long an authoritarian regime may last, there will come a time when the citizens decide to take back power from the dictators and establish a more tolerant form of governance. The process of citizens deciding to oust an incumbent government and the actual ousting and subsequent replacement of the said rulers is what is this study terms as a revolution.
What were the probable causes of the Libyan and Syrian revolutions? Various theorists, scholars, and observers have come up with various ways of explaining the causes of the respective revolutions. An exhaustive appraisal of appropriate literature on the origins of the revolutions in Libya and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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