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The Causes and Effects of Islamic Resurgence in Late 20th and Early 21st century in the Middle East - Essay Example

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This paper purely discusses the causes and effects of the Islamic resurgence in the Middle East. Several countries are also involved in the focus of the paper. It includes countries that like Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Israel, Lebanon and other Islamic communities…
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The Causes and Effects of Islamic Resurgence in Late 20th and Early 21st century in the Middle East
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Extract of sample "The Causes and Effects of Islamic Resurgence in Late 20th and Early 21st century in the Middle East"

Download file to see previous pages The growing interest in the Islamic resurgence can be traced by several factors. Ali E.Hillal Dessouki enumerated three factors: one is the increasing economic influence of oil-producing countries which are mostly Islamic; another is the concern with the security and the stability of the Persian/Arab Gulf countries; and the new wave of Islamic resurgence in almost all countries where Muslims live (page 3). These interests have been the fruit of the Muslim's search in revitalizing Islam and the Muslim community. According to John L. Esposito et al., Muslims seek to restore Islam with the experience of Muslim decline and western domination in the late 20th century (page 37).
Baath Party is a political party and movement influential among Arab communities in the Middle East, especially in Syria and Iraq. From the beginning, the Baath Party was a secular Arab nationalist party. Socialism was originally the economic system of belief of the Party. Thematically, the name baath means resurrection or renaissance. This is the apparent initial movement that aims at rebuilding and encouraging the rebirth of Arab national spirit.
Most of the major proponents of early Baathist contemplation had been partially influenced by education in the West. At first, the three major proponents of Baathist thought - Arsuzi, Salah, and Aflaq developed their vision of Arab nationalism to just diminutive audiences in Syria. Eventually, Salah and Aflaq joined in support the Ali al-Gailani's government in Iraq against the British presence during the 1940s. From then on, the movement evolved into a party with an approved constitution and executive committee.
However, the intention and purpose of the regional Baath Party was wholly surpassed and eclipsed by the regional commands of he Baath parties of Syria and Iraq. Baath parties in Syria and Iraq each created its own national command. These two countries were the guiding force to the rest of regional commands of the Baath Party that existed in other Arab countries like Jordan, Lebanon and Yemen. They served as a subordinate of the dominant Baath Party in Syria and Iraq.
A significant rebirth of Islam occurred when the Syrian Baath merged with the Arab Socialist Party of Akram al-Hurani in 1952. They jointly formed the Arab Baath Socialist Party that successfully won at the 1954 election. It was from then on that Baath members played an important role in the politics of Syria. More importantly, the Baath party were instrumental in procuring the union with Egypt that led to the official and momentary termination of the party and let down of the Baathists.
B. Secularism
Secularism has been the factor of the Islamic resurgence. Since the year 1979 revolution, the Shiite clergy dominated the political life in contemporary Iran. Furthermore, religious fundamentalists in Arab communities campaign for the fusion of religious authority with temporal political power.
C. Nationalism
In the rebirth of Islam religion, the term nationalism is greatly regarded as Arab Nationalism. It refers to both doctrines and movements emphasizing the cultural identity and the political independence, solidarity, association, or unity of Arab people and sovereign states.
The Arab nationalism developed rapidly and hit its ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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