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Maritime security - Coursework Example

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The continuous usage of water carried has attracted the need for security. Security issues like piracy, criminality, terrorism and border control have…
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Maritime security
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Extract of sample "Maritime security"

Download file to see previous pages The Navy has been maintaining the maritime security until recently when their activities are being downsized by the introduction of Private Maritime Organizations. Factors such as reduced spending on the military by armed forces in developed nations, availability of fewer people to enlist and smaller forces available for counter-piracy. In addition, increased use of military robots (UUVs, UAVs, USvs), concentrated in the Asia Pacific region and increased reliance on private maritime security companies to defend themselves will reduce the role and capabilities of the military in the future (Klein 2011, p. 23).
The insecurities in the marine have increased in this current century more than the other centuries because of the technological advancement. Hijackers have advanced the weapons that they used to improve their piracy works. The Private maritime operations were seen to adapt quickly to having modern weapons to fight the terrorists and the pirates. It is one of the reasons as to why it has attracted many employers along the coast.
For example, the West Africa region has suffered theft, and it has increased since 1990s. The hijacking of cargo is intense in the Bight of Benin in Lagos, Ivory Coast, and Gabon. The hijackers are usually targeting the ships that have petroleum goods and sell the stolen petroleum products at low prices. Kidnapping activities are intense to the South of the Niger Delta Region, in Bight of Bonny. Maritime security operations should be put in place so that the West region can be transporting the petroleum safely to the market. Nigeria’s economy depends on the oil sales (Klein 2011, p. 24). Therefore, there is much need to enhance security in the marine area to ensure safety and to reduce casualties in case is of an attack. Today, the PMOs are at the forefrontofgiving security to the navigators and to ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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