Define and evaluate the major geostrategic challenges the EU will face in the coming decade - Essay Example

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Therefore, since different nations have different foreign policies, nations who have come together as a block or union usually have difficulties in harmonizing some of…
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Define and evaluate the major geostrategic challenges the EU will face in the coming decade
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Download file to see previous pages 67). However, the EU member countries are fighting to alleviate the union from these challenges. The members’ main concern is the economic, security, and power balance challenges. The union intends to resolve its economic challenges by boosting trade through sharing the gross domestic product as well as to increase trade and investment and finally developing defense and aid spending on areas that they will feel affected. Nonetheless, other than the unions own intended resolutions, the essay will also suggest, at different points, the possible solutions to the highlighted EU’s geostrategic challenges.
EU’s problems are associated with the growing differences in the political ideologies and foreign policies among member countries. These elements have led to geostrategic challenges including hierarchy of nations, fall or collapse of the EU economic power, power of populations, leadership issues, political ideologies, war threats, dwindling unity, Security and welfare, maritime security challenges, cyber domains and the maritime environment, and balance of management power on fundamental of EU’s assets. Other challenges include continued fall, fail, and collapse of the Middle East states, increasing trend of recruitment of the terror group, transnational crime, and Environmental security.
The geopolitical analyses are concerned with the political dynamics that tends to interfere with the international relations. Some member nations are considering themselves more economically and politically powerful than other member nations (Howorth, 2007; Pg. 126). This has swayed nations’ capacities and attributes that have led to hierarchy of nations among the EU members. The “great power” notion that emerged in the ninetieth century has since made some nations within the EU powerful in terms of policy formulation, decision making, and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Define and Evaluate the Major Geostrategic Challenges the EU Will Face Essay.
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