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Most women are therefore engaged in various organizational activities through which they are able to assess the results, worthy or…
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Vermonts Women Organizations and Training Programs
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Women and Politics Today, women in politics are able to meet together and share their resources and strategies, as well as create networking opportunities. Most women are therefore engaged in various organizational activities through which they are able to assess the results, worthy or unscrupulous (Goleman 4).
In Vermont, various organizations and training programs have been established to help advance the rights of women and push them into the political arena. The Vermont Commission on Women (VCW) was established in 1962 by President Kennedy. Through this women are encouraged to use their abilities, and reduce discrimination against women. This has helped establish the causes of discrimination against women and hence address this issue and help women achieve their political ambition (Goleman 5).
The League of Women Voters is a non-partisan league established in 1920 by Carrie Chapman, which does not fund or compete against political parties or candidates. However, the league believes in a representative government and the freedom of individuals as stipulated in the constitution. They also believe that a democratic government highly depends on well-informed citizens and citizen’s involvement. This has encouraged democracy and hence allowing women to gain a political advantage (Goleman 7).
The Women’s Leadership Circles of Vermont is a circle of 10-12 women leaders originating from a particular region. Vermont Women’s Leadership Circle was founded by Kerry Secrest of Watershed Coaching, LLC in 2011 (Marla & Kerry 1). It offers influential women the space, support, and tools to lead with precision and self-confidence. The program was formed to cater for the needs of women in leadership positions across all sectors of the economy. Those who participate have a clear vision that drives them toward personal and professional achievement. This helps the women grow in their roles as change-makers.
Through these initiatives, the various organizations and groups have been able to help women achieve political mileage. This is because women become more empowered and feel more confident to go for political seats.
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