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Excercise programs, Personal training, nutrition, - Assignment Example

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She completed a series of fitness tests and it was determined that her cardiovascular strength was high. Her main desire is to reduce her body fat percentage and tone up. Currently her exercise routine consists of…
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Excercise programs, Personal training, nutrition,
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Extract of sample "Excercise programs, Personal training, nutrition,"

Download file to see previous pages 20). As the client has expressed that they are a beginning when it comes to weight training, a series of stages have been designed as a means of aiding the client. The first stage of the exercise routine involves machine weights. Specifically, it is recommended that the client implement fully body circuit training three times per week. In terms of repetitions, implementing 10-12 repetitions on each machine at a steady rate is recognized to increase muscle capacity. The following stage of this program will then involve upper body and lower body splits of free weights. Compound exercises with 10-12 repetitions each can then be implemented 4 times per week. The compound exercise split will implement pull-ups, deadlifts, and chest presses will be implemented to target back, arm, chest and core muscles. There will be a one-day rest period and then lower body exercises will be implemented. The lower body exercises will primarily focus on squats with the barbell, but will also involve squatting without the barbell. Both the lower body and upper body exercises will be implemented 3X each with 10-12 repetitions. The ultimate recognition is that these exercises will create the necessary muscle to reduce body fat and tone.
There are a number of areas of consideration that I implement when creating an effective programme for a client. One of the prominent areas of concern is upper-body and lower body alterations. The upper body and lower body split is effective in that it is largely simplistic and does not require clients to consider complex muscle groups in implementation. Another prominent consideration involves resistance training, strength training, hypertrophy, and endurance training. The main consideration in these regards is in terms of repetitions. The implementation of lower repetitions at higher weights results generally in an increase in muscle bulk. This is contrasted with higher ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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