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Writing your own personal professional code of ethics - Assignment Example

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As an investigator of law I aim at holding myself liable as well as answerable for any conduct or misconduct that I will indulge in while carrying out any investigatory activities including data collection, analysis and interpretation. Furthermore, I aim at operating in a highly…
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Writing your own personal professional code of ethics
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Personal Of Ethics Personal Of Ethics As an investigator of law I aim at holding myself liable as well as answerable for any conduct or misconduct that I will indulge in while carrying out any investigatory activities including data collection, analysis and interpretation. Furthermore, I aim at operating in a highly honest manner while adhering and respecting the trust with which I will be assigned with any investigation assignments. I even aim at performing my investigative work with great caution while respecting the rights of others that have been awarded to them by law and I will ensure that all my investigative activities are thorough. I will even ensure that I avoid or turn down any investigative cases in which I experience a conflict of interest as that may harm the objectivity of the outcome of the case that I will be working on. I even aim at making sure that all my activities are in compliance with the legal guidelines that govern the profession of investigators for law. I will even ensure that while I practice I operate in an unbiased manner and treat people of all races, gender, color and age equally irrespective of this social connection with me (Pollock, 2011). I will even ensure that my work remains highly confidential from the eyes of the public and the media and any findings of any particular case are not made public. I aim at being flexible while facing challenges and accept new challenges as they arise in order to advance my personal development and the interests of the community.
Pollock, J. M. (2011). Crime and Justice in America: An Introduction to Criminal Justice. Burlington: Elsevier Science. Read More
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Writing Your Own Personal Professional Code of Ethics Assignment.
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