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Creative Writing - Personal Statement Example

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Hecimovich’s is the right and most fair one due to the situation. It is the only way where we, as students, can get opportunity to employ our critical thinking abilities in assessing ourselves. In addition, this method will also test on our…
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Creative Writing
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Extract of sample "Creative Writing"

Task: Creative Writing Personally, I do believe that Dr. Hecimovich’s is the right and most fair one due to the situation. It is the only way where we, as students, can get opportunity to employ our critical thinking abilities in assessing ourselves. In addition, this method will also test on our honesty on how we evaluate ourselves. As the say goes, “honesty is the best policy. If I lose mine, I will definitely lose myself.” This option is also necessary because it is getting late since we did the end of semester exams, and we need grades to take home. Our parents are in the wait. They pay fees for us to produce results, and it would make no sense if we they do not full results from us.
I do believe that I deserve the A grade. First, I have been an active participant in class activities. The professor always received my assignment on time. He always left a positive remark on every assignment that I submitted to him. From this, I do am partially convinced that an “A” grade is indeed the most appropriate grade for me. Our professor normally set for us exams from what we had learned in class and given as assignment. Remember the proverb, “where there is smoke, there is always fire” and “the presence of clouds is a symbol of rain.” How should one know whether a student is speaking the truth or not? (Nosich 28)Whereas others may argue or ask for the evidence concerning my performance, all I can say is that a performing student always stands out from other students. Professors and tutors rarely need evidence to know how a performing or bright student actually look like or behave. Performance always goes hand in hand with character of a person. However, I do not dispute or refuse any suggestions to hand over my assignment books for evaluation or verification of the truth. Some people say, “valid evidence is the only convincing way or method to truth claims.” I am ready to bring any evidence in support of my claim. In addition to that, I have always been an active participant of our class activities such as writing of successful projects related to CRTW. I believe activeness in any activity outside the class equips an individual with the necessary skills for the practical application of what he or she learnt at class.
Using the above method or principle to evaluation, other students and I will undoubtedly provide a leeway for knowing each student personally. I believe it will be the best and most appropriate method for evaluating us. Interpretation of my performance in the past assignments and their analyses will lead you to a conclusion or basis that I am an A student.
The above methods will be applicable and the outcome will be a convincing one. I am a student and you, as a lecturer, you have experience and definitely you will understand each of us and award us fairly using our arguments. Thank you.
Work Cited
Nosich, Gerald. Learning to Think Things Through: A Guide to Critical Thinking Across the
Curriculum, CourseSmart eTextbook. New York, NY: SAGE Publishers, 2000. Print. Read More
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Creative Writing Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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