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In the essay “DANGEROUS DRIVING HABITS” the writer analyzes primary violations which have proper rules designed and violations lead to repercussions and secondary violations, which do not have well defined rules due to their trivial nature. He thinks that traffic rules need to be updated…
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Dangerous Driving Habits
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Download file to see previous pages It was a usual maddening, Monday morning and at 8:45 a.m. the drivers driving their cars were getting impatient to reach office on time. Amy was particularly concerned since her office had a policy of cutting off sick leaves after the first two late comings of the month. Hurriedly she looked at her flip mobile phone, opened it and saw the time.8:46, it was time to freak out, she was left with less than fifteen minutes to park her car, take the long walk and punch her attendance card on time. Every minute counted and she realized that waiting on any of the signals would mean tat she will be certainly late. She sped at 40 MPH at an orange signal, which was about to turn red. Apparently, the drivers on the other side were equally desperate to reach destination and used the orange light and raced ahead. As a result, Amy’s car was standing bumper to bumper with another car, while the rest of the traffic jammed in behind her. The series of incidents lead to what we may see as a violation of most written traffic rules and ‘driving ethics’ if such a term has been coined, including violating signal, talking on the mobile phone while driving, honking, undertaking & tailgating. Amy heard what she had always heard from others “Women Drivers!” filled with venom. My question is did this happen because Amy was a woman? Or are other drivers equally prone to such mistakes? The answer is quite obvious. ...
These include undertaking, speeding, and talking on the mobile and signal violations. The second type of offense is a violation of the 'driving code of ethics', for which no regulations have been made as yet. These include tailgating, honking unnecessarily, driving very slow on a highway or in the right lane, weaving from lane to lane, wrong indicators, jamming brakes instantly and orange signal rushes. These offenses tend to test the patience of other drivers and often lead to more than usual traffic violations due to impatience.
In our example, it can be seen that Amy did not directly violate the written laws. However, it could have bee an accident where both parties though orange signal is a go ahead.

Considering the above, I would conclude by stressing that traffic rules need to be updated to include offenses of the second type. These offenses can be significant as well and can cause the aggressee their peace of mind while not providing any benefits to the aggressors. Honking at certain hours for example at night or outside a hospital should lead to tickets. Likewise, orange signal violation should be taken to be a violation. In our case, this could have actually leaded to a head on collision. Other offenses include tailgating, which unnerves the other driver and reduces their patience levels. In the meanwhile, eating and checking time on mobiles can even be dangerous.

Consider another case in which you are driving behind another car at a speed of 80 Km/ hour .All of a sudden, the car in front of you jams the brakes. This leads to a series of collisions where by the chain of cars following each other bang into each other. The generally accepted rule is, it is always the fault of the person behind you, if you get hit from the back. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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