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Modern Culture in Western Europe and the US - Essay Example

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Modern culture in most parts of the world, especially in Western Europe and the U.S., ranks motor vehicles as the most important manner of transportation. Moreover, it also gives great importance to the rights and liberties of individuals…
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Modern Culture in Western Europe and the US
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Extract of sample "Modern Culture in Western Europe and the US"

Download file to see previous pages The first argument is that like Germany, the U.S. insists on issuing driving licenses to teens more than 18 years of age. The U.S. has gone one step further by also requiring written consent from the teen’s parents before issuing not only a driver’s license but also a learner’s permit to teens (Smith: 10). This represents the strongest pro-teen driver argument that states, unlike other countries of the world, West European countries and the U.S. have strict driver licensing systems that contain severe training tests that must be fully and properly passed by teens before they get a driving license. The second argument concerns driver’s education programs in U.S. high schools (Haverstock) and the role of driving instructors (Smith: 9). This argument states that such school driver’s education programs give proper and sufficient training to teens in all matters related to driving, mainly traffic rules and the methods of operating, maintaining and even briefly repairing motor vehicles. The knowledge got from the school driver’s education program is greatly strengthened when teens use the service of driving instructors. The instructors apply the ‘finishing touches’ to what has already been learned in school. The third argument is that, as compared to adults, teens rarely drive when drunk (Harrop). This argument raises the usual trend of teens not to drink and drive because drunk driving is easily the most common reason for road accidents. The argument further states that this good habit of teens is a clear indication that they are responsible members of society and our country who deserve to be allowed to drive. The fourth argument concerns the education level of teens. Teens are not illiterate morons but study in high schools and colleges where they are gaining a high level of knowledge as they are trained to be our country’s future. They are perfectly aware of the risks involved in rash driving and are responsible enough to decide for themselves if they are competent enough to drive. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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