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These ways ranged from their social isolation to political ridicule and other different methods. The use of media and newspaper…
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Answer the 2 questions
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Download file to see previous pages Based on this, the manner in which Jews were being treated and the manner in which the Muslims are being treated in present day, each are compared for co relation and contrast in between the two if any. The two concepts find number of sparkling identical aspects at the same time, they find number of dissimilarities based on which each may form for a different form of concept.
The Jews in those days were depicted as sub humans with little capability of intellect and understanding. They were termed as uncultured on account of their handling of different social affairs. Muslims in the modern times are often directed to as barbaric and being hostile towards other communities.
These activities came forth for the first time in form of 2001 when all of the hijackers and perpetrators of the Twin towers were Muslims. As a result a general perception of hatred and disregard for Muslims started prevailing .In the modern times, the Muslims of the Europe are often taken for with discontent and disregard based on similarly new ideas and ideologies. These ideologies have originated as a result of hatred towards them that is on account of terrorism. Terrorism has unfortunately been associated with Muslims at large. This in turn has given rise to the ideas and concepts of Islam o phobia (Israeli,p. 15). As a result of this, the Muslims in general are being targeted in terms of discrimination, disdain and unhealthy outward response to them in the different social sectors of society in Europe and America at large.
An element of contrast between the two concepts is the fact that Muslims are not being executed largely or directly on account of the difference and conflicting ideologies between the two societies. In case of anti Semitic campaign, the Jews were being sidelined and contained in isolation places such as Ghettos (Michman,p .155).
It can be safely said that there have been instances where the role of media in West ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Answer the 2 Questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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