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1.) The play is different from a traditional Greek tragedy in its sad and disastrous happiness of fear and pity which the audience experiences when watching a comedy. Most of the time, tragic error is hubris, which is extreme pride that gives grounds the hero to eschew the…
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Answer 5 questions
Download file to see previous pages The antagonist was the God Apollo, who provoked Oedipus to act this way. The dynamic character is Oedipus’s mother and Loius’s wife, Jocasta. (Kennedy, 2007)
4.) Jocasta is Oedipus mother and Loius’s wife. She was the recent widow who Oedipus married and then he prospered to become beloved King of his hometown, Thebes. She was a woman of fortune for Oedipus. But a wrong deed was done and Oedipus has to be punished. He did not know he unknowingly married his mother but then he had to ponder whose son he was. (Kennedy, 2007)
5.) The characters have mythic and Greek heroic names because according to a psychoanalytic theory, this Oedipus complex represents the ideas and emotions which are kept in the unconscious part of mind and are repressed dynamically. These are the emotions that integer the desire of a boy to possess his mother sexually and also to kill his own father. (Kennedy, ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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Answer 5 questions

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