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Causes of War - Essay Example

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In the paper “Causes of War” the author discusses war as a phenomenon that has stretched over the nations of the world, giving examples of some of the major nations where war have been experienced. There are a number of ways in which war has been able to manifest itself…
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Causes of War
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Extract of sample "Causes of War"

Download file to see previous pages  There have always been numerous reports about war and conflicts in different parts of the world with regrettable outcomes. A war can occur between groups of people, countries or even regions. Each of the mentioned kinds and every particular case have their specific reasons for the occurrence. Although quite different, roots of the war are always associated with a kind of a conflict. It, therefore, means that a war comes up as a result of a conflict between the two distinct parties starting a confrontation, regardless of what constituted a ground for the appearance of a conflict or its further scale. As a whole, both the variety of possible causes of war and their kinds are important topics to be investigated and analyzed. 
Countries can enter an international conflict finding themselves in antagonism. (Ikenbery 173). In this case, the whole population of a country appears to be involved and the victory is ensured by armies fighting in the front lines and citizens backing them in a variety of ways. There are numbers of factors that encourage conflicts to take place and those that may prevent a conflict from erupting. Some events are known to lead to an occurrence of war and other events can bring about peace and reconciliation, preventing conflicts to come in. Naturally, consequences and effects of wars, particularly civil wars, are visible. Examples of both, short term and long term ones, which impose their effects on all the parties involved, could be seen in different nations. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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