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Terrorism - Term Paper Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Terrorism Terrorism refers to the use of violence or force against people or property for various purposes like intimidation, ransom or coercion. The terrorists use threats and violence to instill fear among the public. They also attempt to show the people that their government is powerless when trying to prevent acts of terrorism…
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Download file to see previous pages... Similarities and differences with insurgency Insurgency is not a conventional war or terrorism. It shares with terrorism the use of force to obtain a political end. Difference that arises between the two is the degree of violence. Terrorism does not lead to political change on its own but insurgency tries to bring forth change use of force of arms. Insurgents use ways like hit and run attacks and laying ambushes on the security forces. Insurgency unlike terrorism gets significant support from a large portion of the population. Insurgency is a movement or a political effort that has an aim. The major difference between terrorism and the insurgency is the intent of their activities. Insurgency contains nothing inherent that will need the use of terror. However, there exist other successful insurgencies that used terrorism and the terror acts, other formed into conflicts where the tactics of terror and terrorism became predominant. Other insurgencies renounced the use of terrorism totally in their movement. The choice of using terrorism is to inspire increased resistance, destroying the government efficiency, and to mobilize support (Sageman 20). The goal of an insurgency is, to adequately challenge the present government for the control of the entire or a portion of its territory. Insurgents can also force different political concessions in sharing of political power. Insurgencies, however, need the tactic or active support of a portion of the involved population. The insurgents could also require support from foreign countries. This, however, does not bother them at all. A terrorist group does not need and minimally has empathy or support of a big fraction of the population. While the insurgents describe themselves frequently as guerillas or insurgents, the terrorists will never refer to themselves or their organization as terrorists. They describe or portray themselves using political or military terminology such as activists and freedom fighters. Terrorism depends on public impact, and relatively conscious of the benefits of avoiding the negative impacts of the term terrorists’ when identifying themselves (Simic 15). Terrorism acts do not try to fight the government forces directly, but will tend to change the perceptions as to the legitimacy or the effectiveness of the government in question. They achieve this by ensuring the greatest knowledge of terrorist acts of violence. The terrorists do not attempt to control any region, as this identifies them to a location which reduces their security and mobility. The terrorist avoid direct confrontations with the forces of government. Insurgents can have something to achieve from clashing with the government forces, like proving that they can efficiently challenge the government military and test their effectiveness. Terrorist organizations have nothing to gain from clashing with the governments. The terrorists groups will not engage in anything that resembles a fair fight or a war itself. They use ways that will neutralize the powers of the conventional forces. Terrorists tactics include; bombings of civilian targets where the military spend off duty time, ambushes of conveys that are not defended and the assassinations of poorly guarded individuals (Sageman 24). Insurgencies do not need the targeting of civilians, despite the fact that they expand the required legal definition of combatants to include the police and other security personnel ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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To prevent the acts of terrorism, especially nuclear terrorism, law enforcement and intelligence agencies should define the scope of skills and resources needed to executive a successful attack, the signs and symptoms of an intention to conduct an attack involving nuclear materials, access and availability of nuclear weapons among terrorist groups, as well as the locations that are most likely to be targeted.
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The knowledge of the Americans about terrorism also expanded and the stereotypes as well as the actual information about terrorism were blended with each other. Although terrorism seems to have gained only recent notice in America, it is a phenomenon which has long existed in the US.
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I think there is no great difference in whether, let’s say, ten people are killed by a maniac or by a terrorist. The only difference is in their reasoning – one kills for satisfying a mania, the other – in the name of an idea. The results, however, are the same – pain, fear and terror.
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Domestic Terrorism History Term Paper
These individuals or groups are dissatisfied with the activities of the government. Usually such groups are made up of activists, environmentalists or any other individual with ill motives against his or fellow civilians or government (Valerie and Borgeson, 2009).
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Domestic Terrorism Paper
These acts result in the inhumane loss of human life and the destruction of property. Despite these being the immediate noted effects of domestic terrorism, the long term undesirable effects are what most terrorists seek to cause. These might include; economic collapse, hatred, elimination of tolerance causing the division of citizens initially bound by patriotism directed towards the development of their country.
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Profiling and Counter-terrorism
Profiling has come a long way in the last century and has developed to more advanced ways to move beyond the physical evidence to chemical and biological evidences, performed through DNA and psychological profiling. It should be noted that profiling aids in producing suggestions to leads and reducing the searching number close to the suspects.
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The Four Waves Of Modern Terrorism
Modern terrorism has evolved from the anarchist wave witnessed more than a hundred years ago to the recent wave of terrorism targeted at developed countries and ideologies. A recent terrorist attack that exemplifies the development in the terrorist attack was the September 11 terrorist attack on U.S soil.
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Political Terrorism
National security officials across the globe are extremely concerned about this new kind of terrorism. The information revolution is changing not just the kinds of weapons and types of victims
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Prabhakaran soon realized that the Sri Lankan Tamils would support a violent inter-ethnic conflict, only when they were deprived of all other options (Biziouras, 2012, p. 553). Prabhakaran gained considerable experience in conducting violent attacks, by engaging in
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Homeland Security and Terrorism
Generally, terror attacks are not only a problem to the American society but also a global problem. Terrorism is a major threat to global security, and so the rise of new terror organizations or groups such as the ISIS increases insecurity in the world. ISIS is a terrorist organization that has drawn much attention worldwide.
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