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Conflict between Irish Republican Army (IRA) and the Northern Ireland - Essay Example

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The paper gives background information on how the Northern Ireland fought for the nation’s independence from the British colony. The paper discusses the origin of the conflict between IRA and the Northern Ireland highlighting the primary motives of the conflicts…
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Conflict between Irish Republican Army (IRA) and the Northern Ireland
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Extract of sample "Conflict between Irish Republican Army (IRA) and the Northern Ireland"

Download file to see previous pages The paper has stated that the primary aim of the battle was due to rising discrimination of the small minority Catholic group who claimed that their political freedom was thwarted. Also, they were hindered from active political participation in the nation’s political agenda. The paper also indicates that the other motive of the conflict was due to the diversity in ideologies between the Protestants and the Catholics. One group backed the support of the British rule in the country while the other wanted total freedom and full control of the country. This, as the paper suggest led to inequality in resource allocation for the individuals in the southern part who were economically disadvantaged, and most of the residents were in acute poverty besides being politically sidelined. This paper also further discusses the troubles that existed as a result of the conflict and it tends to respond to the notion that the development of large protest groups acts as a prerequisite to the development of political violence in a country.
This essay makes a conclusion that the conflict that existed between IRA and the Northern Ireland resulted in several innocent killings and damages of property. The primary motives of the attacks were politically instigated because there was significant discrimination of the Catholics who were opposing their colonial oppression. The rise in the political tension in the country was stimulated highly by the small political and union groups that merged to trigger the individuals into fighting. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Conflict Between Irish Republican Army (IRA) and the Northern Ireland Essay)
Conflict Between Irish Republican Army (IRA) and the Northern Ireland Essay.
“Conflict Between Irish Republican Army (IRA) and the Northern Ireland Essay”, n.d.
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