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Presentation summry - Essay Example

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He had a separate board that consisted of a few members from the bigger board members that could help in decision making contrary to what the university had put in place. Secondly he retained financial plan by raising pay to a few employees while leaving others. Thirdly, the…
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Presentation summry
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Presentation Summary Presentation Summary Conflicting proposal by Lariviere He had a separate board that consisted of a few membersfrom the bigger board members that could help in decision making contrary to what the university had put in place. Secondly he retained financial plan by raising pay to a few employees while leaving others. Thirdly, the enrolment of the students dropped by 24447. Based on these facts which were not in harmony with decision of the board, the board voted against him.
Ethical Challenges
The first and foremost challenge was too distribution of power and authority to board members that make them use it to satisfy their own interest. Secondly, the necessary support from the stakeholders from before making decision. Lastly is the personal disagreement between the leader and among the board members.
The key person that is making decision should be checked if they perform their duty effectively.
The decision arrived at should be agreed upon by all the board members. Checking all the time what makes the members of the board to perform or not perform their duties.
Recommendations Cont
Check again the pay roll of staff members. Key decision makers should be engaged while making decision. The attention should be on the leadership and the leaders on how they perform their duties effectively. Read More
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Presentation Summry Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
“Presentation Summry Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words”, n.d.
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