Moscow Olympics 1980. Urban Policy. Urban Regeneration - Speech or Presentation Example

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This sport event was the first to be staged in Eastern Europe. Most countries like the US boycotted the event because of the Soviet War in Afghanistan that was ongoing…
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Moscow Olympics 1980. Urban Policy. Urban Regeneration
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Download file to see previous pages The problem is that although Moscow was experiencing the Soviet war in 1980, its urban infrastructure warranted it an opportunity to host Olympic Games (Real 1996). Other cities did not have the standardized infrastructure to accommodate the event. In return, the event did not run as expected because some nations like the US amongst others boycotted the event. Since then, cities are on the run to standardize their infrastructure so as to be given the opportunity to host Olympic Games. This problem is worth discussing because; if there were other urban areas of the same urban standards as Moscow and not experiencing cold war, the Olympic Games could have been held there.
Today every other city in the world has sought urban policy or urban regeneration to be in a position to host international events like Olympic Games. The differing perspective of this topic is that since the Moscow Olympic games of 1980, the society has made Olympic Games more visible and spectacular (Andranovich & Heying 2001). The International Olympic Committee (IOC) which is the body that conducts Olympic sports has to be very specific in outlining the requirements needed by a city to host the event. The staging is done on a manual detailing where it has to be evaluated in the bi dossiers of candidate cities. The demand for hosting Olympic Games has gone up due to the urban transformation or regeneration which has taken place since 1980 when Moscow hosted Olympic Games. Cities have regenerated their transport sectors, technology, cultural programmes, art and environmental management among other critical sectors which can deny them the opportunity to host international events like the Olympic Games. Once a city has been selected to host the event, it is monitored closely in planning and preparing for the event by the IOC coordination committee to ensure everything is up to standard. Sometimes the commission ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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