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Immigration: 1900- Dream Act - Thesis Example

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The present study aims to explore the history of the legislation made by the US political authorities, related to immigration policies and strategies, from the beginning of twentieth century onward, by providing a brief overview of immigration laws introduced since its…
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Immigration: 1900- Dream Act
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Extract of sample "Immigration: 1900- Dream Act"

Download file to see previous pages One of the most striking reasons behind exploring the immigration phenomenon includes the tremendous developments observed by the USA during the recent past with regards to arrival of the foreigners from various ethnic, racial, religious, social, cultural and economic backgrounds en mass as US immigrants; which not only has resulted into noteworthy alterations in the demographical statistics of the country, but has also created serious problems for both the US citizens and recently arrived immigrants. The research will pay special concentration on DREAM Act 2014 by elaborating the economic and social benefits the act could bring for the country in the wake of its implementation. The following hypothesis has been developed for the present study:
The DREAM Act, if passed, will not be beneficial for and focused on the alien minors only. It will, mostly help the nation, economically, get to its feet by collecting taxes and educating the minors who would be of interest to the United States in the long run.
Moreover, the research is also interested in elaborating the bills presented, acts passed and the laws articulated and enforced related to the US immigration policies during the course of time. Consequently, the present research has described a detailed overview of the immigration laws as well as the causes and motivations behind articulation of these enactments on the one side, and their consequences and impact on the socio-cultural and economic situation of the country on the other.
History of immigration is rightly regarded to be the history of the growth and development of collective human lifeon the face of the earth (Weeks,2011, 262). It is partly due to the very fact that pages of history are replete with the incidents of voluntary and involuntary migrations observed by the people belonging to every ethno-racial, geographical and religious backgrounds, due to some ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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