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Transnational Actors influences on World Politics - Essay Example

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This report stresses that transnational actors are important in the international community because they generate answers to the problems ailing the world. The actors include; international non-governmental organizations (INGOs), religious organizations and multinational corporations (MNCs). …
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Transnational Actors influences on World Politics
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Extract of sample "Transnational Actors influences on World Politics"

Download file to see previous pages This article approves that international bodies and nation-states must usually obtain the feedback of monitoring missions and vital facts about world politics from transnational agencies and INGOs, because states are effective only within their borders due to the doctrine of non-meddling in internal affairs of other states. This is especially true without binding resolutions of international bodies such as the United Nations Security Council and the European among others. Transnational actors may be ineffective in setting the agenda for norm creation around the world or in particular economic regions due to the varying political will among the affected member states. As a consequence, the basic things needed to create effective international agreements with and across state actors normally become long-drawn and, thus, the role of transnational actors seems to be less effective.
This paper makes a conclusion that owing to the inexorable role of nation-states in the world politics, it behooves transnational actors to work with states and even persuade them to adopt internationally accepted norms. The working relationship is, however, not smooth due to the varying priorities of each of the two organizations. For example, nation-states would rather observe national security over human rights. Regardless, transnational actors owe their success in fighting global problems to massive lobbying of the local societies of great powers such as the United States, to in turn buy the agenda and present it to the international community for passage and enactment. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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