Critically analyse the proposition that Non-state actors are irrelevant to world politics - Essay Example

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As such, the world politics has both state and non state actors who greatly contribute towards its manifestation at all times (Raymond, 2008). However, the growth and emergence of nongovernmental…
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Critically analyse the proposition that Non-state actors are irrelevant to world politics
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Download file to see previous pages According to Knutsen 2007, one of the proponents of liberalism, it was noted that the world liberalist reached a point where their contribution was no longer relevant to the world politics. As a result, the growth of non state actors was the only thing that would bring more changes to the world politics. Consequently, scholars with the same idea on Liberalism argued that those supporting Realism were longer in a position to give a comprehensive theory pertaining to world politics because numerous changes had taken place since the second world war (Levelev 2011). In this regard, it is argued that realist only come up paradigm leads to unsatisfactory results that do not give the actual analysis on world politics.
Conversely, scholar associated to Realism schools of thought argue that it is through this school that analyzing of world politics have taken place in the best interest of the people. Having dated back to the period of second world war, their main agenda was to ensure that that the occurrence of another war would not be possible (Levelev 2011). In this regard, scholars assumed that states were the basic imperative actors in politics with relation to seeking power that acted as means and ends to itself. Never the less, both schools of thoughts have agreed that international politics revolve around the struggle for power (Moravcsik and Milner 2006).
Reinalda 2011 argues that Liberalism is the best placed theoretical framework that has been used for over three decades to clearly demonstrate the importance of non -state actors in the world politics. Basically, non-state actors comprise of both transnational organizations and international governmental organizations, non-governmental organisations, companies, social movements. Through this theoretical framework, scholars urged their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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