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Transnational Criminal Organizations - Research Paper Example

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They have undergone considerable shifts from conventional hierarchical criminal groups to some loose networks which operate together for exploiting new market…
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Transnational Criminal Organizations
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Extract of sample "Transnational Criminal Organizations"

Download file to see previous pages “Organized crime is both a social system and a social world; the system is composed of relationships binding professionals, criminals, politicians, law enforcers, and various entrepreneurs”1.
Evidently, globalization has intensified transnational criminal activities, and the strong existence of these groups has become a new social system which allows reciprocal services to be carried out by professional criminals. Although global financial system has undergone tremendous deregulations, the growth of transnational criminal groups still remains steady. Admittedly, globalization has numerous benefits with regard to international trade and associated activities; but at the same time, the same advantages are accessible to transnational criminals including traffickers and smugglers also. The more alarming threat to the modern world is the apparent linkage between terrorists and transnational criminal groups.  
Unrestricted cross-border transaction is one of the major reasons of the increasing rate of transnational crime. Wide use of modern telecommunication technology also has benefited the transnational criminal groups. Today terrorism and transnational crime are the two central threats to our national and international threat; and the both use the similar means to exploit the modern technology, both use the same operators and same systems to move their fund, and both jointly run a good network. Organized crime is so powerful to influence the industrial sectors of many of the developed countries2. For instance, the legal industries rely on the precursor chemicals in large quantities for the cocaine and heroin processing, and attempting to restrict these chemicals can hinder legal trade and have been resisted by the chemical manufactures in the US and Europe3. Organized criminal groups make their income through trafficking weapons and dreadful explosives, drugs. They involve in smuggling, sex rackets, money ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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