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According to Goleman, Boyatziz and McKee (2013) the concept behind primal leadership is that a leader is meant to nurture good feelings from those that they are guiding. To create the atmosphere of positive feelings brings out the highest performance in people. The idea behind…
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Primal Leadership Primal Leadership According to Goleman, Boyatziz and McKee the concept behind primal leadership is that aleader is meant to nurture good feelings from those that they are guiding. To create the atmosphere of positive feelings brings out the highest performance in people. The idea behind primal leadership is to draw emotions from people. The open loop relates to the body’s emotional midpoint and limbic scheme. Emotional firmness is allied with our dealings with other people.
People will counter differently depending on the outside situations. When people are not in good moods or are negative constantly a toxic atmosphere grows and mirrored by others around. A leader should always be aware that their emotional instability shows in the group through frustration and low morale (Goleman, Boyatziz and McKee, 2013).
According to Goleman, Boyatziz & McKee (2013) there are different types of leaders. Discordant leaders are those who are not in touch with their group emotions. The negative impact, a discordant leader, can have on the group, include internal anger and rage, frustration and lack of focus on tasks. Harmony and understanding are part of a strong working unit.
According to Goleman, Boyatziz & McKee (2013) the brain is in charge of many functions within the body. One of them includes hormones that generate superior emotions or those that create awful emotions. A leaders frame of mind is related to how the brain operates. An emotionally able leader can be a powerful tool in stirring, awakening passion and enthusiasm in people. Leadership: Leading At the Edge
The most important aspect of Shackletons’ leadership according to Stokes (2006) is primal leadership highlighted in Emotional Intelligence (EI). Primal leadership refers to the most crucial act of leadership which means acting as the group’s emotional leader while eliminating emotions that are negative and unhealthy for the group.
According to Ainsberg (2010) to create movement and momentum Shackleton found that although you are not able to influence what happens to you, you can choose how you handle the situation. Instead of giving up and allowing self-pity to take over, Shackleton chose to motivate and inspire himself and his men in order to reach their goal.
According to Ainsberg (2010) the main goal was to keep the emotions and spirits of the group up. Shackleton encouraged the crew to sing songs and play music that can act as a method of unifying and keeping attitudes positive. Through these actions, the group can connect and become closer to each other. Collaboration is suitable for a leader if the objective is to be realized.
According to Stokes (2006) as a team organizer, it is important to have key priorities laid out. The team running together is vital, and a helpful avenue is for each member to know how vital their task is to the team as a whole. According to Stokes (2006) once the objective is achieved, one of the ways that can help dramatize some of these priorities is by saving some of the tools or items. For example, the different stages of the journey before reaching the goal can be captured in a painting to create powerful imagery.
Emotional Intelligence contributes to a large extent in the way a leader will guide his or her group. Being sensitive to your groups emotional status and being able to create positive feelings will ultimately affect their performance and the overall function of the group.
Stokes,L.S., (2006). Emotional Intelligence. Taylor & Francis Online Information System Management. 21, 91-96. doi: 10.1201/1078/44118.21.2.20040301/80427.13
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Goleman,D,. Boyatzis,R,. and McKee,A,. (2013). Primal Leadership: Unleashing the Power of Emotional Intelligence. Havard Business Review Press Read More
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