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This paper explores the importance of emotional intelligence to global leadership. It argues that emotional intelligence is required for effective global leadership because emotional intelligence improves global communication, decision-making, and multicultural skills…
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Emotional Intelligence and Global Leadership
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Download file to see previous pages Leaders now have to deal with different cultures in achieving business strategies and goals. Emotional intelligence is a concept developed by Peter Salovey and John Mayer. They talked about a politician who is both smart and dumb (Goleman, 1998 cited in Robertson, 2007, p.15). They argued that IQ is not enough to make a person truly “smart,” and they coined emotional intelligence or EQ (Robertson, 2007, p.15). For the next fifteen years, from being a virtually non-studied concept, EQ has received significant academic attention and applications in the development of numerous fields, such as leadership, communication, self-improvement, child raising, education, health care, and corporate development (e.g., Caruso & Salovey, 2004 cited in Robertson, 2007, p.15). EQ has become critical to developing effective leaders. Even with development in literature, there is no single definition of EQ, particularly since it is still a budding concept with different measures and with diverse validity test results (Pat & Groves, 2006; Matthews, Roberts, & Zeidner, 2004). Many scholars agree that EQ pertains to the ability to distinguish, understand, and control one’s emotions and the emotions of others, and to use these emotions in successfully managing interpersonal relationships (Salovey & Sluyter, 1990, cited in Robertson, 2007, p.15). Emotional intelligence is also emphasized as vital in understanding the tacit messages that are decisive to interpreting the entire message of the speaker and will also advance how the listener will react to the communication process.
Emotional intelligence affects global leadership through enhancing soft skills in strategic management (Marques et al., 2008). In the article “Linking quality management and emotional intelligence to workplace spirituality,” Marques et al. (2008) linked the concepts of quality management, emotional intelligence, and workplace spirituality.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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