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Hedley Bull And the Presence of the International Society - Essay Example

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This report talks about Hedley Bull which is among the most influential international relations theorists of the modern world mainly because of his contributions to the English School that supports the idea of a society of states influencing relationships between nations. …
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Hedley Bull And the Presence of the International Society
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Extract of sample "Hedley Bull And the Presence of the International Society"

Download file to see previous pages This report stresses that there are situations where despite a war taking place, no state is able to achieve victory, thus reaching a stalemate. Under such circumstances, both of these states take an active role in ensuring that the order is retained within the international society because long wars might lead to the collapse of the state.
This paper has attempted to agree with Hedley Bull’s statement that the international society has always been a part of the world political system. The international society has been based on the actions of states to make sure that their principal interests are catered for while at the same time protecting their existence. In addition, within the world political system, the international society has been in existence mainly through the influence of powerful states over weaker ones. Moreover, throughout history, the world has been dominated by a need to ensure a balance of power so that the state systems that had developed could be protected. It is also essential to note that the international society has been developed through the willingness of states to ensure that they adhere to international laws. Furthermore, diplomacy plays a crucial role in the formation of an international society because it allows for the development of constant contact between the governments of different states. Finally, despite its chaotic nature, war has always been an important factor in the formation of international society throughout history as seen through the various conflicts between states that have eventually resulted in stable systems. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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