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State and internationalization of Society - Literature review Example

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Section A focuses on the concept of a global government in lieu of national governments as described by Amitai Etzioni. Section B looks at the concepts of the order of nations presented…
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State and internationalization of Society
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Extract of sample "State and internationalization of Society"

Download file to see previous pages He states that the United States has led a campaign to unify the world (5). He cites the example of the export of democracy to nations in the former third world and the provision of support for development in other nations of the world. This, in his view creates a definition of Americas position as a dominant superpower in the world today.
Also, he points out that the global bodies, including the United Nations and other international groups have over the past 60 years supported in the even development of nations and communities in the world. This has led to more nations coming together to achieve things (13).
Etzioni identifies that the co-operation of nations under numerous banners has caused nations to live according to harmonised structures and systems. He also indicates that nations do a lot in terms of co-operation like transnational co-operation in commerce, banking, internet, health and research, environment, human rights and crime prevention. This was defined in the section which he called the new safety architecture.
The new safety architecture is a concept that is steeped in the fact that nations are better off by co-operating and sharing some resources to achieve ends that are common to them. This is because when nations work together, they get to create a leverage that enable them to get optimum results from limited resources. Also, there are some activities that can only be achieved effectively when nations come together to work on them. Some of these activities include counter-terrorism, cross-border crime prevention and other similar drives. It is thus counter effective for any nation to attempt to live as an island. So he argues that authorities in nations are bound to work together to achieve results and common objectives that are in their best interest.
On the individual level or amongst the ruled, there are increasing activities like the Internet, communication technology and the observance of similar ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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