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Political comparison between president George Bush and president Obama - Essay Example

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The world’s politics has revolutionized drastically across all the state dimensions and this has had an impact on how the national’s affairs are governed and controlled. Political science is the methodical analysis of government and sovereignty. It explores the root of how jurisdiction is used make certain legal laws, why conflicts are fought and to how political caucus progress and conquest elections are handled. …
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Political comparison between president George Bush and president Obama
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Extract of sample "Political comparison between president George Bush and president Obama"

Download file to see previous pages The two presidents, former president George Bush and currently ruling president Obama, have something in common about their reign in authority. A close observation is identified in president Obama following some of the ruling of retired president George Bush and also similarities about their personal lives such as; they are both passionate in running the halls of white house with their fleecy black puppies, they are both outstanding awkward dancers, they are fond of giving ridiculously public speeches, they both promoted heavy sums to the state arrears, they both have two daughters and were both sporting in their juvenile years (Johnson 2013). This essay highlights out some of the political similarities shared by former retired president George Bush and president Obama and also features in details the conclusions to their political comparisons and their administrative future. The two heads of states shares one thing in common about the essence of immigration as witnessed when George W. Bush tried to acquire an immigration amendment through the senate in protection of the immigrants, he was objected and later declined his request by the opposition congress. Similar to President Bush, Obama wanted to protect the immigrants within his administrative power who had lived in the USA for more than five years, but he faced stiff counterargument from the republicans and the senate claiming that he was overturning the constitution and was acting more like an emperor within his stated mandates (Collinson 2014). Despite the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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