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S it more accurate to say that presidents adapt to the critical events that happen during their time in power, or are they more - Essay Example

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Presidents and history Name: Institution: Introduction Politics has shaped the history of humankind for the longest time. Among some of the greatest historical events included the two world wars, colonization of Africa, and the emancipation of the African American society in the United States among many others…
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S it more accurate to say that presidents adapt to the critical events that happen during their time in power, or are they more
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"S it more accurate to say that presidents adapt to the critical events that happen during their time in power, or are they more"

Download file to see previous pages The United States, which is both the greatest economy and democracy in the world, has influenced the course of history of the world. It therefore provides a definite relationship between presidents and the historical occurrences. Among iconic presidents of the United States was Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth president of the United States who served until his untimely assassination in 1865. The events in his tenure including his assassination depicted the influence that the presidents had in shaping the history of their times. He served during some of the most tumultuous times in the country. He led the country through the most historic constitutional, moral and military crisis. His contribution and time in office thus makes him the best president whose analysis may easily depict the role of presidents in influencing the history of their tenures (Burkhimer, 2003). Additionally, he provides an effective basis of comparison with some of the recent presidents such as the incumbent president Barack Obama and George Bush among many others who also served during some of the most tumultuous times in the history of the country. Presidents are always at the help of politics. They are influential people who readily access all the power brokers in a country. The American politics consists of a set of members of parliaments and senators all of who are influential in managing the domestic politics in the different states. The presidents on the other hand has influence over such and enjoy vast constitutional power to institute policies but with the consent of such politicians. Born and raised in a poor American family at a time that capitalism and slave trade was at the pick, Abraham Lincoln educated himself and later joined politics. He lost a senate seat in 1858 for maintaining a hard line rejection for the plan to expand slavery. He was determined to end slavery in the country. Though not a Member of Parliament, the president influenced the lawmakers during his tenure as the president of the United States thus succeeding in emancipating the African Americans. The liberation of the black society in the United States was one of the greatest historical occurrence in the country that earned Abraham Lincoln both friends and foes in equal measure thus possibly leading to his assassination. His role in liberating the African Americans and safeguarding the rights of the marginalized society to take part in election in the country’s constitution was a self-depiction of the influence that presidents have over the historical occurrences. Slave trade had employed millions of American capitalism merchants; it had necessitated the agrarian revolution thus developing the country’s economy. Vouching for the abolition of slave trade and developing an equal American society in which the African Americans would enjoy equal rights as their white counterparts was therefore a major historical occurrence. The success to end slavery was not a timely occurrence; it was not any time coming. President Abraham Lincoln worked hard and tried all he could to convince and black mail some of the members of parliament to accept and pass the bill that would change the country’s constitution. The desire to free the society had cost him his political career in the past but his determination finally bore fruits thus possibly resulting in his assassination. The life and works of president Abraham Lincoln portrays the influence tha ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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