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Comparison Critique of two Famous Speeches - Essay Example

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Comparison Critique of two Famous Speeches The most recent 12 years of American history has provided us with a chance to see two of our presidents present 2 highly famous speeches, each during his own term of office. These speeches both spoke of hope and rising above the challenges of adversity…
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Comparison Critique of two Famous Speeches
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"Comparison Critique of two Famous Speeches"

Download file to see previous pages What makes their speeches unique and special were the contrasting messages that each speaker delivered. Though delivered at different points in American history, each president successfully managed to convey the thoughts and emotions of the American public to the world. The speech of Pres. George W. Bush was delivered before the joint session of congress back in 2001. Without the use of visual aids and backed up only by an off camera teleprompter, the president stood before the politicians and international delegates in order to express the deep gratitude of the American people for the outpouring of love and support from the international community after the terrorist attacks. This was a historically significant speech as it signaled the beginning of America's decade long war on terror that took them from the arid desert of Afghanistan all the way to the oil rich country of Iraq. It was the day that America finally joined in on the growing war on terror because of the attack on their homeland. This was in effect, similar to the speech that Pres. Roosevelt gave on the fateful day that the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. This speech turned the tide of history and dictated the end of the reign of terrorism in the Middle East. The opening dialogue of his speech tried to lighten the severely somber mood by reminding the American public that they were not alone in this tragedy. This was a tragedy that affected the whole world and nations such as South Korea, Britain, and others were not ashamed to show their sympathy by offering songs and prayers in support of America. After that the speech fell into its actual topic, which was how America was going to respond to the unprovoked attack and what it would cost the nation. It was not difficult to follow his train of thought during the speech as all the plans of action were laid out in a concise manner meant to educate the listener/viewer with its main ideas which were clearly supported by evidence. Americans have many questions tonight. Americans are asking, "Who attacked our country?"... The terrorists' directive commands them to kill Christians and Jews, to kill all Americans and make no distinctions among military and civilians, including women and children. This group and its leader, a person named Osama bin Laden, are linked to many other organizations in different countries, including the Egyptian Islamic Jihad, the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan. (Transcript of Pres. Bush's Address) Thanks to Pres. Bush's constant quoting of verified information from government sources such as the American CIA and British MI6, all the listeners deduced that their president had the credibility to deliver the information and, therefore, must be telling the truth. By using persuasive and highly descriptive information regarding the advent of the Al-Qaeda, Pres. Bush was able to garner unprecedented national and international support that was necessary in order to mount the war on terror. He explained in his own colorful and highly descriptive words that: The evidence we have gathered, all points to a collection of loosely affiliated terrorist organizations known as Al Qaeda. They are some of the murderers indicted for bombing American embassies in Tanzania and Kenya and responsible for bombing the USS Cole. Al Qaeda is to terror what the Mafia is to crime. However, its goal is not making money; its goal is remaking the world and imposing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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