The relationship between United States and Israel and its effect on other Middle Eastern countries - Research Paper Example

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The relationship between the U.S. and Israel has been termed “special” and the level of the relations that they have reached today has almost never been seen in any other relationship in the world’s history. …
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The relationship between United States and Israel and its effect on other Middle Eastern countries
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Download file to see previous pages The liaison between Israel and the United States is one of the most unstable and contemplated relationships in world history. From the period since its establishment in 1948 to today, Israel has faced up to eight diverse American presidents, and eight different outlooks toward Israel as a state, how the U.S.-Israeli relationship should be dealt with, and the issue of Palestine and its people. The relationship between the United States and Israel in the past six decades can be segregated into two schools of thought: the “special relationship paradigm” and “national interest orientation” stated Professor Robert Lieber of Georgetown University, an expert on US-Israeli relations . The United States was the first country to recognize Israel as an independent State because at the time in 1948, and until today, the U.S. Government presumes that it shares certain common values and political aims. Under the special relationship paradigm, which forms the basis of U.S. support of Israel even today, the Truman Administration sensed that Israel, like the U.S., held a revolutionary fortitude, was compiled of a diverse societal symphony, and shared its democratic ideals. The national interest orientation transpired over time and included mutual aims such as extenuating the Arab-Israeli conflict, sustaining Western access to Middle Eastern Oil, the battle against Islamic Fundamentalism, and with Israel in place, the U.S. was assured continued influence in the Middle East. Definitely, the initial support of the U.S. for Israel was not all politically motivated rather they were initiated on the basis of moral, cultural, and religious sentimental grounds stemming from the mayhem committed in Europe during the Holocaust, which resulted in the major immigration of Jews to Jerusalem and the surrounding areas in the first place (Ben-Zvi 2009). The period from 1948-1957 forms the first phase in the history of U.S.-Israeli relationship. As stated before, the United States was the first nation to give de facto recognition to the State of Israel primarily on grounds of moral obligation and geo-strategic concerns. This unambiguous assertion of support gave birth to a lifetime relationship between the two countries. However, in these starting years, the United States’ faith in Israel was low, and they were not provided any assistance in monetary or military form. The primary reason of U.S. for making Israel its ally during this period was that in the midst of the Cold War, Israel stood alone as the solitary supporter of the West and discourager of communism in the Middle East. The Truman Administration called this approach an eccentricity of the modus operandi, or method of operation, of stemming Soviet influence in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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