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Iran and Israel: The Escalation into a Worldwide Nuclear Issue - Essay Example

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Iran and Israel: The Escalation into a Worldwide Nuclear Issue Mick Johnson INTL 6000 Rough Draft Dr. David Reichardt Introduction While has been conflict in the Middle East for hundreds of years, a new technological issue is now at the forefront. The coverage of the nuclear conflict has been there, but urgency by the American press has been lacking…
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Iran and Israel: The Escalation into a Worldwide Nuclear Issue
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Download file to see previous pages The turmoil could end up producing several nuclear-armed states in what is probably the most volatile area of the world. And there could be war both with and within the Muslim world," (Bildt, 2012). QUOTE NEEDS EXPLANATION There is no doubt that that rivalry between Iran and the Israelis is intense, as anti-Sematic and anti-Palestinian sentiments reign from each side. The current conflict stems from the struggle of supremacy in the Middle East. Each side feels that the other is trying to gain control of the region militarily and economically, causing a threat to the other’s well-being. Also, the conflict is a battle of religious dominance pitting the Jewish contingent versus the Muslim regime. The introduction of nuclear weapons in Iran could possibly change the balance of power in the Middle East, as Iran is rumored to be in production of nuclear missiles and they claim that they are not afraid to strike Israel. Iranian Deputy Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi was quoted February of this year saying, "Iran's warriors are ready and willing to wipe Israel off the map, any act by the Zionist regime against Iran will bring about its destruction" (Newsmax, 2012). The threat of a nuclear attack on Israel may cause a preemptive military strike. The rumored development of nuclear power plants in Iran has Israel on edge, so they may feel the need to attack these nuclear plants to: a) Assure that a nuclear strike would not take place and b) Any act of defense by Israel will not be retaliated by a nuclear attack. The elimination of nuclear plants could end the level of tension between the two countries and hopefully eliminate the fear from the Israeli nation. The lack of willingness to communicate with each other also does not alleviate the issues between them. “Even those who believe that Iran is ultimately a rational actor that prioritizes interests over ideology are still skeptical about the ability of the two countries to develop a stable deterrence relationship should Iran become a nuclear weapons state,” (National Defense Research Institution, 2011). Because of the lack of communication between both sides and the feeling of contempt and disrespect, conflict is at a heightened risk. The relationship between Iran and Israel is at a critical stage as technological advances in nuclear armament have put both sides on notice. The main issue is what the repercussion of this military conflict will be for the region if the balance of power is shifted. What has been Israel's reaction to Iran's nuclear program so far and what explains this reaction? This analytical research argues that Israel is valid in their fear of an attack from Iran because of Iran’s hostile feelings in the past towards the Jewish nation, Iran’s unwillingness to negotiate, and the new development of nuclear weapons. Concepts, Theory, Methodology The concepts that will be examined in this research paper will be containment, brinkmanship, and deterrence. Containment-There is responsibility with possessing nuclear weapons and this could ultimately contain any force Iran would threaten from the possession. “The leadership in Tehran would have to continually worry that if any crisis developed involving another nuclear power the potential foe might opt out for a preemptive attack on Iranian nuclear facilities,” (Rourke, 2010). Therefore, just the possession of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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