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Making the Kitchen Floor at the Restaurant Less Hazardous - Research Proposal Example

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This report “Making the Kitchen Floor at the Restaurant Less Hazardous” provides information to the restaurant supervisors, managers and kitchen workers on the various sources of personal accidents while in the kitchen. The report identifies the loopholes on personal security…
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Making the Kitchen Floor at the Restaurant Less Hazardous
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Extract of sample "Making the Kitchen Floor at the Restaurant Less Hazardous"

Download file to see previous pages The laxity in correcting surface safety conditions subjects the users and the public to encounter the hazards. There are several types of injuries resulting from the accidents due to poor floor conditions. The injuries range from broken bones, severe cuts, burns, and sprains. The injuries further affect the overall workmanship of those affected. There are several causes of floor relating accident. The best way of ensuring safety against flooring hazards is by ensuring the floors are in good conditions. Workplace safety is an ethical concern for everybody at the place of work. A good number of workers at the restaurant get injuries while on duty every year. In the past five years, about 25 workers have got injuries due to the poor conditions of the restaurant floor. Extra partial of the employees who get injuries are forcefully taking day offs nursing their injuries or attending to hospital for treatments. Some staff has since got permanent disabilities from the wounds. The types of injuries resulting from the poor floor conditions range from broken bones, severe cuts, burns, and sprains. The last five cases of floor based accidents recorded austere injuries with one of the female workers Michele suffering permanent knee injury that have since paralyzed her movements and so she no longer get to work. The number of employees taking day offs is also on the rise posing challenges on the company’s performance because increase in the number of absentees reduces workforce and in turn affecting the quality of service. This report provides information to the restaurant supervisors, managers and kitchen workers on the various sources of personal accidents while in the kitchen. The immediate course of action and the various safety measures that are considered best to reduce the cases of kitchen accidents. The report identifies the loopholes on personal security. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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