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Operatint a Successful Restaurant - Assignment Example

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Scientifically and biologically, some food items tend to hazardous compared to others. Therefore, high levels of hygiene among staff and food…
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Operatint a Successful Restaurant
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Download file to see previous pages These limits include procedures of delivery, storage and cooking (Alonzo, 2007).
Thirdly, critical limits for the critical control points should be determined for every menu item. These limits must be adhered to so as to minimize any possibility of food poisoning. For instance, poultry storage and preparation should meet the appropriate temperature controls. Poultry should be cooked at temperatures above seventy-five degrees Celsius. On the other hand, beef should be cooked at temperatures above one hundred and sixty degree farenheight. Duration of cooking should also be definite so as to ensure appropriate cooking (Dismore, H., & Entrepreneur Press, 2006).
Fourthly, the critical control points should regularly be monitored. The restaurant manager should monitor every food handler. They should ensure that appropriate procedures are followed. Fifth, corrective measures for a breach of any steps above shall be recommended. To cater for this, staff members should undergo refresher training on food safety, menu development and ensuring quality service. Corrective action may be necessitated due to various reasons. These reasons include unattractive food, complaints from customer, storage of out of date foods, and sighting of pests and unclean utensils (Alonzo, 2007).
Sixth, system verification strategies should be implemented and verified. In adherence to Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCPP) standards, the restaurant should ensure that the plan is developed. Availability of thermometers to ensure appropriate temperatures of food items should be ensured. Finally, appropriate record keeping procedures for the staff members would be necessitated. Daily corrective actions applied should be recorded in flow charts accurately. The HACCP demands that every restaurant keep checklists and time and temperature logs. Record keeping shall be considered for every stage in food handling and preparation (Alonzo, 2007).
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