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Restaurants - Case Study Example

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Introduction: This is a brief study undertaken to substantiate and explore the concept of 'Atmospherics' Chapter 10 of our text book quotes Solomon (2009) saying "the effort to design buying environments to produce specific emotional effects in the buyer that enhance his probability of purchase." The definition infers: If the elements of environment in a retail outlet are skillfully manipulated they can lead to favorable consumer behavior for the retailer…
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Download file to see previous pages The restaurants though situated very close to each other continue to attract customers in steady numbers regularly. The restaurant business is one which has a shrewd combination of excellent food, environment and service. Today's restaurants are mostly theme based and cuisine based with a rare combination of a country's culture and cuisine, especially periodical cuisines that are haute. Although the two restaurants offer similar cuisines they have tried to blend the French tradition into the Asian culture in a unique way matching their interiors accordingly. The restaurants understand the importance of atmosphere dynamics and nevertheless have hired eminent interior designers to do their environment.
A famous Interior Designer Katelijn Quartier has mentioned the importance of interior design in an article of hers by stating "The introduction of atmosphere as an important holistic notion is relatively new in the study of retail design. Commercial spaces used to concentrate on products, services and salesmen. Nowadays, the environment comes to
play an important role. ...
The interiors of the restaurant also focus on the capturing the romance and beauty of that period only. This is a two story town house and the style of this building dates back to the colonial period of the French in Vietnam in the 1920's. The main floor dining room and the second story lounge and bar serve authentic French Vietnamese cuisine. The interiors of the restaurant are designed by Greg Jordon of Greg Jordon Inc., Commenting on the interiors designed he says "I chose to design with unique tiled floors, crudely painted walls and antique mercury panels to keep the interior as simple, yet as elegant as possible." The restaurant owners have taken care to reflect the architecture, texture and design of the 1920's with a modern touch. The dining room has tightly woven rattan chairs and amply spaced tables with palm and banana leaf potted plants all around. Photographs of Saigon in the 1920's cover the walls to lead customers to that era. The dining room has a seating capacity of 95 guests at a time.
The bar with a mahogany table in the second floor can seat 25 guests at a time. The lounge capable of seating 50 guests is covered with oriental rugs and low tables with antique furnishings. The rest rooms in the restaurant are also done in the same antique French way with modern amenities.
Le Atelier de Joel Robuchon: This restaurant in four seasons Hotel also served French cuisine with strong Asian flavors. The restaurant is known for its chef Joel Robuchon. The chef has renowned hotels in Tokyo, Paris and Las Vegas. The interiors of the hotel are elegant and glisten with light wood with black and red lacquer. It is blend of the French designer Pierre Yves -Rochon and the iconic ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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