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Atmospheric Vortex Engine - Admission/Application Essay Example

The engine is designed in a way that the warm air is introduced through channels in a way to create a tornado or a circular cycle. Wind turbines are placed at the bottom and in direct path of warm channeled air. Multiple wind turbines are placed in each channel and there are multiple channels to direct air. The structure of the engine is 200 meters wide and its walls are 100 meters high surrounding the circular structure of the engine. When directed in a circular motion, the wind inside the engine can reach up to speeds of 200 mph (“Atmospheric Vortex Engine” 1). The roof of the structure is open so to allow for a tornado like structure. At the base and centre of this engine a vortex is created just like the base of a tornado. The centre base of this vortex forms a vacuum and resultantly holds the vortex with the engine. The wind turbines installed in the engine are carefully calculated so as not to drain the power of the vortex. The engine can work independently, but if a source of warm air is provided it can work in harmony with another system. This system can ideally be linked with a conventional power plant (Schirber 2). Warm air is a byproduct from these plants and it is released into the atmosphere. This proposed system can drastically increase efficiency and provide a good resource for the engine to work for extended periods. The engine has a security mechanism that is very simple. The vortex is attached at the base and can be cut off by simply closing the air channels. 4. Efficiency

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The system basically generates electricity by wind turbines. But, a typical wind farm is generally less efficient due to the fact that they require a minimum of 4-5 m/s of air speed to even produce low yield. In the case of Atmospheric Vortex Engine, the turbines get concentrated and specially channeled air. This makes the engine efficient. Furthermore, the convection currents are natural and need no artificial energy to convert them in a suitable form to generate output. In this regard the engine can be compared to hydroelectric plants, which are extremely


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Atmospheric Vortex Engine
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