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The Atmospheres of Venus, Earth, and Mars. This research paper is a prologue to describe the atmospheres of Venus, Earth and Mars along with their similarities and differences in terms of atmosphere…
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The Atmospheres of Venus, Earth, and Mars
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Download file to see previous pages Several chief scientists joined the interdisciplinary endeavor to find the feasibility of life on these two planets, i.e. Venus and Earth. Hence, this paper prefaces the possible consequences regarding the concept.
Climatic Conditions of Venus
The second planet from the Sun is the Venus. Its standard detachment from the Sun is 67.6 million miles. At times, it is also called the sister planet of Earth based on the similarity of these two planets in terms of their size. However, the atmospheric conditions of Venus are quite dissimilar to that perceived on Earth. For instance, the approximate temperature of Venus is recorded as 900oF. The atmosphere of Venus fundamentally consists of carbon dioxide (CO2) along with 3.5% nitrogen and 0.5% carbon monoxide, argon, sulfur dioxide and water vapor mixed together which put lot of force in the atmosphere. Due to all these reasons, the temperature of Venus is quite high than other planets. The planet also witnesses frequent and strong lightning rainstorms. Notably, the clouds belonging to Venus are mainly made up of sulfuric acid, which can blaze gap through skin, wood and clothes (American Institute of Physics, “Venus & Mars”).
The climate of Earth is determined by temperature and moisture which apparently differ from one geographic region to the other. These variations can crop up due to the sun angle, i.e. the angle at which sunlight strikes the Earth at any exact point. This shows a discrepancy by latitude from the tropics (Johnson, “Goldilocks and the Three Planets”). Climatic Conditions of Mars The planet which is the second closest to the Earth after Venus is Mars. This planet is mostly compiled of carbon dioxide. At the equator, the surface temperature per annum is recorded to be approximately 50o C and at the poles it is near about 130o C which shows that the weather of Mars is quite cold. In Mars, summer temperature climbs above 0o C at center despite the low diurnal mean. Mars also experiences discrete seasonal weather patterns, such as Earth for the reason that rotational axis is tending to the ecliptic, for example annual dust storm (American Institute of Physics, “Venus & Mars”). Compare and Contrast of Atmosphere in Venus, Mars and Earth Mars, Venus and Earth are sibling planets. They all comprise worn surface, enormous volcanoes, chemically and thermally urbanized interiors and atmospheres. The environments of all three planets have clouds and move in reaction to the thermal forcing by the sun. In the same way, through the effects of surface friction and planetary spin, these planets further tend to transform (Prinn & Fregley, “The Atmospheres of Venus, Earth, and Mars: A Critical Comparison”) Apart from these familiar features, these three planets demonstrate extraordinary distinct evidences, in their volatile surface. Venus is a planet ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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