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Earth's Magnetic Field - Research Paper Example

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This research paper talks about the magnetic field which is the area which is under the influence of magnetic force and is a vector quantity, i.e. it is denoted in terms of a direction and magnitude, and is measured in Teslas in SI units which are equivalent to (Newton x second)/(coulomb x meter). …
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Earths Magnetic Field
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Earth's Magnetic Field

Download file to see previous pages... The research paper "Earth's Magnetic Field" talks about the magnetic field which is the area which is under the influence of magnetic force and is a vector quantity, i.e. it is denoted in terms of a direction and magnitude, and is measured in Teslas in SI units which are equivalent to (Newton x second)/(coulomb x meter).
The magnetic field allows human beings to produce many important devices. The relationship between magnetic field and electric current has enabled humans to produce electric currents in all electric devices such as blenders and power turbines. The magnetic field of Earth is similar to that produced by a bar magnet. The circulating electric currents surrounding the Earth’s surface and in the metallic core of Earth are the source of Earth’s magnetic force. The dynamo effect of these circulating electric charges helps in creating a magnetic field. The rotation is known to be the cause of the production of electric charges and dynamo effect. The area under the influence of Earth’s magnetic force is known as Magnetosphere. A scientist Mariner 2 discovered that the magnetic field of Venus is not as strong as that of Earth. Though the iron content of these two planets is almost same, yet the strength of magnetic field is different. The reason for the difference is the speed of movement of these two planets. Earth takes 235 days to complete a rotation whereas Venus takes 243 days. The rotation period of Venus is too slow to result in dynamo effect. The evidence of this was found on rocks. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Magnetic Resonance Imaging technology
FDA, 2012). The technology makes use of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) properties to image atom nuclei within the body. The human body is a “magnet” by virtue of the fact that it has ionic hydrogen that has a positive charge and a magnetic spin. However, this magnetic spin does not make humans magnetic because these protons spin in a haphazard manner, which cancels out the magnetic properties held by each ion (Hendee & Christopher, 1984).
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Mapping and categorizing the topological structures, or bathygraphic features, of the seabed has proven to be an immensely complex task; it is easier to study the features of extraterrestrial planets than those of the Earth's own ocean floor. However, researchers have sub-divided bathygraphic features into two major categories: the shallow continental margin nearest the coastline, and the deep ocean basins further out to sea.
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Field Assignment
The methods that I used in this research include direct observation and interviewing. This research will also give the possible results on the study together with the problems encountered during the study. It will further explain the ways in which the problems were solved to ensure that this study proceeded without being altered.
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Magnetic Resonance Image(MRI)
When the external magnetic pulse is removed, the spinning protons induce an electric signal in pick up coils from which an image of the internal tissue is created digitally. MRI diagnostics produce clearer images of soft tissue and blood flow inside arteries and veins than ultrasound images and are also easier to interpret for the medical technician.
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Field Experience
and I was at the gate at exactly 7:30 a.m. Why I chose the setting: I chose the setting because it is a popular public area, which is most attractive to people especially during the summer, owing to its interesting components and the entertaining environment for all kind of people, ranging from the elderly, the adults, the teenagers to children.
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Electro-Magnetic Wave Propagation for the course Propagation and Antennas
To facilitate the propagation of the wave over a given distance, the characteristic of the given wave plays an important role in determining how the signal will propagate. The waves involved in this process are usually electromagnetic. Thus, with respect to the characteristics of the given wave, there are different ways in which the specific wave is propagated.
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Magnetic Resonance Imaging
MRI is capable to generate clearer and more detained images as compared to the X-ray or Ultrasound scanning techniques. The physics behind the MRI scanning involves the complex nuclear physics and magnetic directivity and resonance. A MRI scanning device is fairly a large device, which is able to hold a person in it.
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He concluded from his many experiments that a body is composed of two types of charged particles- positive and negative. Yes it is possible. Isotones are Nuclei of atoms with the same neutron number. Example: S-36, Cl-37, Ar-38, K-39, Ca-40. These nuclei contain 20 neutrons each, but with different number of protons: sulphur 16, chlorine 17, argon 18, potassium 19 and calcium 20 protons.
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Earth's Magnetic Pole Reversals
” The simplest analogy to understand the above definition is to imagine the presence of a bar magnet in the center of the earth running from one pole to the other. The magnetic field set up by this magnet is similar to that of the Earth’s. However, it has to be understood
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Earth's Deserts
The worldwide distribution of deserts depends on the atmosphere and air circulation in the area. For the same reason, most of the deserts are found in North and South latitude lines of 30˚.The climate in these regions is dominated by a large amount of sunlight, little rain and high rates of evaporation (Cunningham n.d.).
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