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Leisure and tourism operations management - Essay Example

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Leisure and Tourism Operations Management Abstract In the paper, the operation management of a five star hotel located in Oludeniz in Turkey has been analyzed. After using a number of important service concepts, packages, processes and layouts pertaining to leisure and tourism operations management, a number of findings are discussed with the management of the hotel…
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Leisure and tourism operations management
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Download file to see previous pages The Service Concept Service quality is the method to manage the business processes to ensure customer satisfaction at all levels. Hospitality sector was identified by the atrium concept designs, service and the hotel industry has seen many developments in past few years. In the hotel industry, the customer chooses to buy service depending on its quality (Panda, 2006). The Service Package (The mixture of goods and services that make up the service) The service provided by hotel is based on guests / customers. The service package includes providing online room / air ticket reservations and chuffer driven car to pick up guests from airport. The hotel provides facilities such as elevators , central heating , in room radio , bar , electric elevator, centralized computer, electric cash register, free in room movies, video conferencing features, swimming pools, separate swimming pool for children, golf ground, sports activities, gym, beauty parlors and in-house restaurants and shops. Service Processes According to Sampson service processes are where the customer provides most of the inputs to the production process (Sampson, 2000). Service is interaction of customer and producers. The service process in the hotel includes booking airline tickets and hotel rooms through internet and on reaching the city, the guests are picked up by the vehicle of the hotel. The customers can even make direct call to the hotel to book tickets and there are other means by which you can book rooms at the hotel. The complete information related to the hotel is provided through its website and local marketing means. Service Processes (Type): Runners, Repeaters & Strangers The hotel provides free introductory scuba diving lessons for strangers and also a hotel run kid clubs for family travelers. The hotel is a leader in its business model due to the high class service. Since, Turkey is a popular tourist destination every year many visitors come to the hotel. Fitzgerald Typology (Volume/Variety) To design a service system the importance of variability should be determined (Kannan and Proenca, 2010) .The hotel has 200 rooms which includes standard rooms, suits and deluxe rooms and during the peak seasons from October to March the demand for rooms is very high. It provides many different type of entertaining and engaging activities to guests such as dance parties, music evenings etc) to enable convenient and enjoyable stay at the hotel. Visitors from different parts of world come to the place and the hotel staffs have to meet the variability in demands. Capability and Commodity Processes The hotel has the capability to accommodate more than 100 guests at one time but sometimes in peak season it becomes difficult to handle varieties of customers. The service is handled by the front desk employees. Schmenner Typology (1995) Schmenner typology identifies four different types of service processes which include service factory, service shops, mass service and professional service. The hotel provides professional service where the staff immediately responds in professional manner to every call and provides the desired service. Though professional services it is easy to handle variability in customer call. Service Processes (Location and Mapping) Internet provides complete informat ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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