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Foreign Policies in the Middle East - 1750 - Research Paper Example

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This paper "Foreign Policies in the Middle East - 1750 " focuses on religion which is the dominant and most influential ideology on both social and political levels. In fact, religion is so deeply embedded in all policies that it is almost impossible to separate it from the politics of the region. …
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Foreign Policies in the Middle East - 1750
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Extract of sample "Foreign Policies in the Middle East - 1750"

Download file to see previous pages Also after explaining the why maybe predict a future policy possibly that could be made down the road or just provide an implication from using our logic on why the other policies were created.
The Middle Eastern foreign policies are among the most complex policies found anywhere in the world. Policymakers in this region have much internal autonomy in policymaking. But, Middle East is a region which has been plagued quite often with issues like instability and terrorism. This is why many opinions that this region is crowded with unstable states each of which is encountered with different challenges. This turbulence or insecurity plays a big role in shaping foreign policies. Many different labels have been given to these policies over time in research literature from strictly Islamist to Western to secular. This research paper aims to label these foreign policies as appropriately and objectively as possible with the help of modern research. It also serves to explain why foreign policies in the Middle East are so hugely affected by religion. Though there is a mix of factors which influences Middle East foreign policies, policymakers have never been able to ignore the factor of religion which is a very powerful means of controlling or shaping the image of Middle East. A growing body of research over past many years has scrutinized the relationship between Islam and regional politics of Middle Eastern states. But, this research can surely benefit from more illuminating concepts about how religious thought works to affect outcomes of these foreign policies of different Middle Eastern states. Following discussion aims to illustrate the reality of this claim that religion strongly influences the internal relations of Middle East. It also hopes to improve understanding of this relationship between the two entities. The countries covered in this discussion are Iraq, Kuwait, Egypt, and Syria.
Some suggest that bringing religion into international relations is not a modern or thoughtful strategy, but the state in the region of Middle East is different.    ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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