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The End of the West The Once and Future Europe - Essay Example

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Name Instructor Course Date The end of the West: the once and future Europe Politics plays a great role in shaping socioeconomic developments in a certain country or system. David Marquand, a former Member of Parliament in Britain elaborates on some of the political hurdles that limited developments in European nations as opposed to other nations like China, which embraced good policies for the sake of developments…
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The End of the West The Once and Future Europe
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"The End of the West The Once and Future Europe"

Download file to see previous pages While Greece and Spain among other European nations face financial problems. He associates such problems with wrong perception or view of global power or super power. The book talks of some important political considerations or changes to avoid stop Europe from becoming obsolete. He compares Europe with several continents or nations that happened to have experienced similar political problems and he uses some of the strategies employed by such institutions to recommend on the best policies to revive Europe. He specifically considers the history and the current situations of such nations or government institutions that were once in some political crisis, and the strategies employed to bring some nations back on their feet. The author advises both the Europe’s citizens and political leaders to forget about the outdated superiority thoughts and embrace development oriented perceptions just like China and India among other Eastern nations considered worthless by the West. Such thoughts or perceptions has seen a decline of Europe’s contributions to the global economy while that of India and China among other nations rise, in other words, Europe’s economy is on a decline trend while that of China and India increases. The book considers ethnicity and lack of democratic and economic cohesion policies as some of the main limitations of Europe’s development. Furthermore, the 2008, global financial crisis in the United States is considered an irreversible decline in the West. The author’s summary is that America is falling and Europe is experiencing both political and economic problems while China is picking up from its pieces and is almost embracing the global economic title, to beat the West. History records that in 1700, India and China’s combined economy was double that of Europe. This was attributed by the fact that the Eastern region ventured in farming and mining among other economic activities that saw the West and Europe depend on China and India for raw materials like wheat, cotton and minerals among others. However, Europe economy became much stronger than that of China and India combined after the first and second phase of globalization. Globalization has enabled Europe to expand its trade links to other nations hence improved economy. Globalization began when Greece among other European nations expanded their trade links with Asian countries like India and China for raw materials and marketing purposes. Europe could transport large volume of sisal, wheat and cotton through ships then later transport fabrics among other end products to Asia for marketing purposes. In the process, the slave trade evolved and Europe economy became stronger than its trading partners. Western nations like United States dominated international economic institutions to become the super power. The West ventured much in military and economic sectors and it is believed that the United States is yet to remain the Super power for quite a long time despite being previously colonized by Britain. However, the author calls for changes in Europe and United States political and economic perceptions to remain the super powers. It is believed that combination of China and Israel’s military and economic efforts may out do that of the United States. The author categorically pointed that U.S and Europe ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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