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The paper "The Meaning of Europe" presents the history of the idea of Europe. The author of the paper uses different approaches to explain the mythological, linguistic and historical meanings of Europe as a concept. The author provides the scholars' and historians' definitions of this term…
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Download file to see previous pages Europe is the house of the Germanic languages of which many languages that are present today are derived from Latin. Europe has been mainly referred to like the word ‘Europa’ in reference to many important languages of the world. In Chinese, Europe is referred to as Ouzhu- which is a derivative of the word Europa. Furthermore, the continent has also been referred to as Frengistan (land of the Franks) by the Turkish civilization. Many other languages have referred to the region in a similar context, but there has not been any single undisputed explanation of the meaning of the term Europe that is used for the continent (Malmborg, 2002).
Studies related to history and politics have been the source of many co inclusive reforms and facts for the development of thought and academia. However, in the discussions and origins of political terms and slogans, there have been many inconclusive debates due to the absence of a factual historical dictionary. Since there has been an absence of this etymological record in the form of a dictionary, any factual brief on many political terms and slogans has been hard to find. Moreover, any research that may be taken up would, in turn, be significantly time-consuming and may never have a conclusive statement of their backgrounds (Boer, 1995).
The lack in the research material and weak records of terms and their origins has made the structured method of investigation in political expressions and education and development of ideas weak and the theories challengeable. Many revered literary works in the field relating to philological dictionaries, especially referred for the European languages, have not been of much help either in any conclusive remarks on these political terms and semantics (Boer, 1995). The main reason for this to happen is that most of the literary research has been the work of the esteemed scholars and critics have been entirely focused and centered on philology and literature. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Meaning of Europe Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1568 Words)
The Meaning of Europe Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1568 Words.
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