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Urban services (waste collection and cleaning) and waste treatment activities Globally (focus in Europe) - Thesis Example

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Wastes if left untreated bring harmful effects to health of human beings, animals and the environment. With this in mind, study looks at the practices of Europe and US in waste management and to see…
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Urban services (waste collection and cleaning) and waste treatment activities Globally (focus in Europe)
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Download file to see previous pages ries do not differ much as to their wastes disposal priorities, but Europe is more advanced in treatment because of experimentation and implementation of technologies. Landfills would remain a problem because of scarce resources and need for area developments. Outlook and trends of the waste industry is good as revenues of the players in the industry are encouraging.
Waste disposal is one of the urgent environmental problems facing regions all over the world. The over consumption of resources and creation of non-biodegradable materials such as plastics, Styrofoam and chemicals are creating a mounting problem of waste disposal. People are gaining the notoriety of producing excessive wastes and dumping them as garbage on landfills and oceans. Garbage such as nuclear wastes, plastics, fast food wastes and electronic products are samples of harmful materials that can affect the health of man in particular and of the environment in general. However these wastes became a business opportunity and opened up avenues for new industries, i.e. the urban services and waste treatment, an interesting topic for discussion.
This study intends to investigate the urban services and waste management activities in Europe., and in U.S. Specifically, study seeks to describe the practices done within the industry and identify the challenges and opportunities the industry face. This work would be of special concern to those who wanted to gain information on the economic opportunities of the waste disposal.
This research will use observational research method wherein the researcher will study a phenomenon without interfering. Observation method is used in behavioral studies, social sciences and anthropology, and is useful when ethics is a problem. Existing literatures and researches on the subject will be used as secondary source since access to primary source is not possible.
Web definition of waste management is “The collection, transportation, and  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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