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Economic recovery and job creation was the main issue in 2008 elections repeating itself in 2012. In 2010, the main issue became street bail being signed into law by…
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Quiz 5
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Political science Domestic issues in the forefront of national agenda in the USA elections differ according to the yearly changes. Economic recovery and job creation was the main issue in 2008 elections repeating itself in 2012. In 2010, the main issue became street bail being signed into law by George W. Bush. Health improvement through Affordable Care Act made the 2012 election agenda. Domestic issues in the USA determines the campaign strategies (Robinson 13)
National mood, balance of political powers and jurisdiction matters are considered political axioms. Balance of political powers involve equilibrium in political powers of states. It makes no state gaining more power or strength against another. Imbalance in the powers results in joining of a weaker state to a stronger one from a significant external threat (Farrier 34)
Interest group within the domestic policy plays major roles. Setting of government agenda and directing implementations become the main role. The groups also define opinions and effect decisions. The roles make the interest groups effective. The study by Burstein and Linton shows that the interest groups have impact on policy (Aggarwal 78)
Utilization of task forces and study commissions enables president success. Complete investigation and research by the presidents enable utilization of their task force. The president also provide technical assistance to the peoples. Utilization is through ensuring that the presentations are balanced and informed. The presidents do not utilize the task force without focusing on economic growth, competiveness and job creation.
Open mindedness in decision-making is one of the constituents of policy leadership. This is because it enables acceptance and evaluation of opinions from all the parties and work for the good of the whole. Another constituent is flexibility and adaptability. This component enables a leader to accept changes and situations and adjust to them (Kaiser 13). Additionally, good communication from a leader through listening, understanding the desires, problems and the needs of ones clients is important for any policy leadership.

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