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Rhetorical analysis of President Clintons September 5, 2012 speech - Essay Example

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President Clinton rises to nominate the next president of the United States of America and shows great belief that the nominee contains the great potential to push the country forward. President Clinton highlight on how the country requires a person capable of spearheading the…
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Download file to see previous pages A person to take the mantle from the outgoing president. The president states that he has one person in mind meaning that the man in power already has a chosen candidate that can bring in changes into the country. Rhetorically speaking, this satisfies the audience that the person to be nominated is a person with utmost leadership qualities. By stating that the man to be nominated “life has seen great adversity and a fair share of uncertainty,” Clinton shows that the person to be nominated is a person of great experience and is capable of tackling challenges affecting citizens as a whole. President Clinton goes on to state that the person to be nominated played a key role in creating millions of jobs and in addition saving many more jobs. Through that, it is evident that the nominee is a person with great potentiality in job creation (Clinton par. 1). By job creation, chances of people getting employed increases leading to a reduction in poverty and a general rise in the country’s Gross Domestic Products. Clinton is also keen to talk about the fact that creation of jobs will be a booster to American children.
According to this speech, the person to be nominated burns with America inside him. In rhetoric, President Clinton states that the man possesses vast dreams that tend to build the country’s economy and boost the diversity of the country to a larger extent. The President goes further to explain that the person to be nominated had a [good sense to marry Michelle Obama]. By so saying, the President implies that the nominee has a lot of creativity and innovativeness that will be essential in the running and propelling the country to greater heights. Additionally, the country needs such a person (Jones 45). In those regards, Obama contains the prowess to lead the Democratic Party. Through explaining on how negative talk ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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